The Clinton Library will be releasing confidential documents from the Clinton Administration. Will you be reading any of them?

  • Yes, as a citizen it is important to be informed about the actions of the Federal Government.

    I will read the confidential documents being released by the Clinton Administration because doing so is a critical element of good citizenship. It is important to be informed of the actions that the government takes. As Americans, it is our civic duty to monitor the actions of our elected officials and hold them accountable.

  • A little bit

    For the most part I'll let the media dig up quotes and I'll put them in context on my own, but I'll peruse what's released a little bit. Right now it's a little more time to invest than I have to read through everything on my own, but I'll be curious enough to skim.

  • I will read some of the confidential Clinton documents.

    The Clinton presidency was full of scandal and controversy. Clinton even faced impeachment hearings. Being able to read previously classified details about some of the more infamous goings on will be very intriguing and a great reason to read some of the documents. It also provides insight into the mind of one of the most popular United States presidents.

  • Nope, I have heard enough.

    No, I don't intend to be one of the people lined up to read these documents. I pretty much survived these years and got more than my fair share of related news as the media reported it at the time. To me, there will be very little of value in those documents, and even less that will affect me in any way.

  • No probably not.

    I doubt I will be reading any of the confidential documents from the Clinton Administration. I am just not that interested in the past like that. I find it funny that they are releasing them now when Hillary Clinton is thinking of running for president. Oh well, that's politics. Right!

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