The Clinton team is writing 'Too Big To Fail': If elected president, can Hillary Clinton solve the financial crisis?

  • Yes, she has a reputation for being cozy with Wall Street.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton used to be the senator from New York, the home of Wall Street. She has a history of campaign backing from the finance industry and of delivering high-priced speeches to finance firms, such as Goldman Sachs. And her husband, former President Bill Clinton, signed the repeal of a bank break-up bill, the Glass-Steagall Act - a deregulation that some critics believe contributed to the financial crisis.

  • Hillary Clinton can't solve anything.

    The Republican congress will shoot down anything a Democratic President wants. The last eight years have been testimony to that. Republicans made their prejudices known about having a black president, wait'll they get their paid media outlets on a woman's trail. No Democrat, no minority, and no woman can defeat the Republican tenacity for biting their noses off to spite their faces. The Republican Congress has hamstrung the country.

  • No, Hillary Clinton wants to increase government spending.

    No, Hillary Clinton cannot and will not solve the financial crisis if she elected president. In order to solve the financial crisis, government spending must be cut and the deficit must be paid off or dramatically reduced. Hillary Clinton wants to increase government spending and provide more government services in order to make people more dependent on government help. This only puts a band-aid on the problem but does not solve it. Increased government spending increases the deficit and hurts the economy even more because it increase taxes. Increased taxes cuts employment and hurts the economy.

  • Hillary is a fraud.

    No she can't. She is running on a platform of bigger government and I will continue as Obama has. People can't find jobs. The real numbers show more people than ever are out of work and the stock market is crashing. She is too much of a criminal herself to fix it.

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