• Given her competition, there's no doubt.

    If Hillary Clinton had stiffer competition this election cycle, it would be a lot less probable for her to win the Presidency. However, given that she is up against Donald Trump, there is no doubt that, barring a catastrophe, she will beat him in a landslide. Clinton doesn't seem to be anyone's favorite, but when faced with the option of her or Trump, she gets the votes.

  • Of course, Hillary can win the election.

    Of course, Hillary can win the election. She appeals to the lowest common denominator of society - the moocher class and the net takers from government. All the while, complaining how the stinking, evil, putrid, rancid wealthy don't pair their fair share - in spite of the fact that IRS tax statistics prove her out to be the liar that she is.

  • Yes, Hillary could be the first Madame President.

    Expect to see a lot of cross-party voting this year, as Republicans who are terrified of Trump's manic personality jump to the Democratic side, and Democrats who are tired of the Clinton family decide to vote for anyone else, even third party candidates. In the end, the need to for an experienced politician in the Oval Office will sway voters away from the billionaire brat.

  • Hillary's past will come back to haunt her.

    I believe that Hillary Clinton will not win the presidential election in 2016. She has proven over and over that she is untrustworthy, and she is under investigation by the FBI. Who would want someone for president who has a history of deceit? She did not protect the brave Americans in Benghazi, and she will not be able to keep our country safe as president either.

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