The college football playoff rankings are out. Do you agree with the rankings?

  • Yes, they're fine.

    Yes, I suppose the rankings are fine. Frankly, football does not interest me in the least bit, so it doesn't matter if I agree or disagree with them. But I know there's a system behind ranking college football teams, and I trust the system. It's been in place for quite some time. I see no reason to disagree with it.

  • Newest College Football Rankings Prove Season Snapshot

    The college football rankings system may have some flaws but now there is more changes week by week. People have to remember that the rankings change weekly. This is a week by week system. Some team have tougher games at the beginning of the season and others near the end. Some teams routinely move up the rankings when they have big wins or wins over a higher ranked team. Their schedule may be front-loaded with tougher games as well. The teams with a harder schedule at the end of the season will close the gap in the rankings as the season goes, as long as they are winning. This is the '80's and '90's ranking system where preseason rankings were huge and teams never dropped if they didn't lose. More teams are playing better opponents and week by week ranking flux is more common. Even though your favorite team my be ranked lower than expected, just hold on and relax. As the season plays out the better teams will find their way to the top. The only ranking that matters is the final one. All the other rankings are for the media and fans to debate about and keep interest up during the season.

  • Yes, I agree with the rankings.

    Yes, I agree with the rankings, but there is so much time remaining in the season. Teams will change positions before the playoffs are underway and we cannot know for sure who will win it all. Alabama is always a very strong team, but they have had some issues lately.

  • It's Western Michigan's Year.

    For the first time ever, the Western Michigan University football team is 9-0. They have an amazing coach and they have done great things. The University of Michigan is unstoppable as well. Both of these teams deserve their rankings. The people who make the rankings are experts and they have good judgment.

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