The confederate flag is a vehicle of speech/expression, aka a protected right. This is a priori to a debate on what the flag represents.

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  • Yes it is an item of free expression!

    The confederate flag wasn't about slavery and a flag of hate for blacks any more than a gay flag is hate for heterosexuals! To many people of days past, it was their country and their way of life. Perhaps we should not fly our flag because we kill babies before they're born! No, we all have our likes and dislikes! However; government buildings should not fly it any more than flying a Japanese flag or that of any other country! What if the confederacy had won?

  • I think yes.

    I think that it should be protected under the first amendment. When in doubt I say it's better to error on the side of protecting too many forms of expression then too few. As such I think people should be able to display a flag if they wish to. At least that is my view at this time.

  • A protected right, yes

    Displaying the confederate flag is practicing of free speech, which is protected under the Constitution, much like burning the US flag or displaying the flag of another country. However, this is a personal right not applicable to governments. It also does not offer protection from those who may disagree with the flag and what it stands for. Free speech is universal.

  • This is too overrated

    We talk about free speech too much, but we should go over some truths first.

    One: The confederate flag is a symbol of rebellion and treason against the United States. Yes, we have freedom of speech, but several states actually seceded and set up their own government and presidency - this crosses the line from freedom of speech to treason. It should be treated as treason, but the United States, as I am glad to say, granted amnesty and allowed the flag to fly. Treason is in fact punishable by life in prison

    Two: It is a symbol of hate. Now I personally dislike when people pull the race card at the drop of a hat (one of my biggest pet peeves), but honestly this is a symbol of hate and using freedom of speech as a cover is wrong.

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