The Confederate flag is not racist (yes) or is it (no)?

Asked by: Sniper_Man_4567
  • It isn't even the actual Flag of the Confederacy.

    First off, the Civil War, in which the Confederate Flag was originated from, was not solely based on slavery and how Whites were racist against the Blacks or any other race. It was fought over how the North were forcing the South to pay protective tariffs for the new industries, and how the South was being ignored in the sense of how they wanted the nation to run. Slavery was actually a small issue in the big scheme of the Civil War. It was actually just used as a recruitment tactic because Abraham Lincoln knew if he supported the freedom of slaves, he would gain more support in his Union Army.

    The Confederate Flag, the one that we see the most of, is not even the official Confederate Army Flag. It was actually the battle flag of Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of North Virginia. It was never the official flag. So those who associate the Confederate Flag with it standing for the Confederate States of America are wrong.

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