• The cops suck

    I know there are still good cops out there but quite a few 'law enforcers' break laws and abuse power. I hate to see cops taking handicap spots and taking up to parking spaces. And some use their sirens and lights just to pass traffic. So that's my opinion on cops.

  • Fuk da police -NWA

    Racist pigs in badges instead of uniforms. We don't pay taxes for these people to get away with breaking the law and beat up black people. I live in a small town and constantly see cops around being useless. The cops around here have no big cases so they just go around bullying people based on what they look like. A cop stopped me and my friend on our way into a convienence store yesterday because I was wearing a leather jacket and a chain, The only reason he stopped my friend is because he's black. I could sit around for hours and talk about the bad things police all around the world do on a regular basis but they aren't worth that much of my time.

  • Legal criminals in uniform

    The police do not serve and protect. Citizens are guilty until proven innocent. Anyone with money is innocent in the eyes of our sad government. They cause problems for people that don’t have a way to to pay the rediculous fines they impose.
    Law officials break laws daily. Who are they to dictate what turn a persons life may take by causing them financial stress. Cops break the law and I love to see when they get what they deserve. No sympathy as they show us.

  • Retro taxing pigs

    They are not here to protect and serve anymore, if they ever did, they are just here to get money from the poor because of all the tax breaks if you dont tax the rich well got to get that money from somewhere so they harrass and steal from people who cannot fight back they obfuscate your ability to pay any ticket on time so they can tack on more and more payments. They are supporting a system for new feudal lords to control this country if you think we have a democracy any more your deluded these mindless highschool drop outs are the perfect defense for such an oligarchy

  • They think they know everything

    Police officers (maybe not all of them) already know the truth, that is what they think. If they notice you are smart, and smarter than them they will want to be right about anything no matter what. They are bullies. They do not care about real justice. They care about revenge and feeling superior.

  • Ticket because he didn't believe me

    I swear days like this make me actually believe in the black lives matter movement and I'm white. If adjusting my radio to make it lower is a distracting and makes it careless driving, then they should stop making cars with GPS and radio and Bluetooth. How about i just ride a fucking horse to work. These days they cause nothing but stress and I DO NOT feel safe. Just anxiety and stress. He thought I was on my phone, and another police officer stopped by so I had two cops. Like what? You need two to do the Job? Waste of Tax payers money.

  • Especially the small town cops suck

    COPS SUCK especially those ones that work in the suburbs. All they do is sit in their ugly little cruiser hiding in a bush waiting to catch you going 41 in a 40 zone. And they are the worst at questioning. They also like to search you without reasonable suspicion or a search warrant.

  • Sheep not pigs

    Anyone who blindly obeys the law is no friend of mine. Every single sheep is a judgemental asshole searching for any reason to fuck you over. Many are racist. Most don't care about public safety. None of them know or care to think for themselves. Serious change is needed and they are not willing to admit it.

  • Sheep not pigs

    Anyone who blindly obeys the law is no friend of mine. Every single sheep is a judgemental asshole searching for any reason to fuck you over. Many are racist. Most don't care about public safety. None of them know or care to think for themselves. Serious change is needed and they are not willing to admit it.

  • Some are on power trips

    I once approached a city bus with a small antique chair at the Lechemere T stop in Cambridge, Mass. When an MBTA officer stopped me and told me I couldn't board with it. The chair was smaller than a baby carriage, which COULD be brought onto the bus, but okay, fine, safety issues no doubt. The kicker is this: while she was issuing "orders" and swaggering in her uniform (with her back to the bus), two men boarded the bus carrying a huge, boxed, flat screen TV. I kept telling her, "Look, look, why can they take that on?" and she smiled and said, "I don't see anything!" Freaking abuse of power, rules enforced when and as she wanted to enforce them. It really was all about "her".

  • Stupid cops do that

    Real cops. Seriously, this is, with all due respect, a very conspiracy theory type of statement. Hating and hating. Cops that are good do their job. And that's 95% of cops. Cops that do the thing you mention are really idiots in real life. Why do you feel inferior to them I ask?

  • Modern Day Heroes

    I am going to school to become a police officer. I will do everything in my power to bring justice to those who corrupt our society. I want to become someone who will protect loved ones and be a problem solver. I know not ever police officer is good, but not all of them are bad. Cops don't suck, their mis-judged by the media and people they serve. There are two sides to every story, yet the media only captures the side where the police are the bad guy. Without Police the US would still be corrupt and filled with criminals that take justice in their own misguided hands. Although some police do become corrupt too, don't forget even Spiderman had his sour moments. :)

  • PD's are important

    If we should not trust the police to enforce the law, then maybe we shouldn't trust the Armed Forces to defend the nation, maybe we shouldn't trust Firefighters.
    Yes, I understand that there has been a history of police corruption but there are some good cops out there who truly believe in protecting the innocent.

  • They are our protection

    There are good people and there are bad people out there. Sometimes the bad ones just happen to have the job of protecting us or maybe the power got to their heads. It doesn't matter though, they risk their lives for us, even the ones that say they suck and are all bad, even though that's a tremendous lie. Don't stereo type cops.

  • There are good people, and there are bad people

    It's as simple as that. There will always be good cops, and every once in a while there will be bad cops; just like there will be good and bad teachers, priests, politicians, burger flippers, etc. Having lived in multiple areas (including the west coast where cops are chastised), I have never known a cop that had bad intentions. Of course, there will be exceptions, but that's true for any profession. I believe west coast rap, especially N.W.A. Have made police a negative image. I understand the Rodney King case of 1992 was terrible, but the actions of the four LAPD officers does not speak for all policemen.

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