The Cuban government pays a 72-year-old woman to guard the glasses on a statue of John Lennon: Would you commit to a job of this type?

  • It sounds fun.

    The Cuban woman that has the job to guard John Lennon's glasses has a fun job. She is doing the same thing that a security guard would do. They have probably had problems with people wanting to steal or deface the glasses. She is keeping the statue safe for everyone.

  • Yes, guarding the glasses on a John Lennon statue is an honorable job.

    Yes, guarding the glasses on a John Lennon statue is an honorable job that anyone should be happy to accept. Mr. Lennon was an iconic figure in the music world and in the anti-war movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Whoever accepts the job of protecting his statue should be proud.

  • Yes, i agree

    Yes, i agree. I would commit to a job of this type or rather any decent job that pays. So long as i can earn a living out of it, then why should i choose this over nothing. I actually support the 72 year old woman simply because she is a strong woman who is independent.

  • Biggest waste of time ever

    Really? Guarding the glasses of some shitty statue? Don't get me wrong it's a easy job as you don't have to do shit but really? How is this worth a job? Who cares if the statue loses the glasses, demolish it for all I care, this is a pointless job and a waste of money

  • No, I wouldn't because my time is more valuable than that.

    I would not commit to a job of that type.The reason why I wouldn't is because I can spend my time doing better things.I can write a short story or learn a new skill.For the women such a job might be useful, for many others it would be a waste of their talent.

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