The Current House of Representatives believes that all employees should have the right to strike.

  • Striking is your duty

    At this point in time, companies and employers are paying their workers less than they deserve, less than a living wage, and cutting their hours to compensate for overhead while the CEOs and GMs pat themselves on the back for saving money. Striking is a necessity to prevent this sort of action from continuing.

  • All Workers Should be Able to Strike

    All workers should be able to strike because all workers should be able show their displeasure for their working conditions or pay. There are many large groups of workers who do not have unions or are long term non-contract workers that do not have another way proper way to stand up to certain employers.

  • Yes, employees should have the right to strike.

    I believe the House of Representatives belief that all employees have the right to strike is just. I think that everybody should support the right of all employees to strike if they find their workplace to be unfair and unjust. I think that supporting such a thing is to support free speech.

  • Federal employees are servants.

    No, the current House of Representatives is not correct to believe that all employees should have the right to strike, because government employees are public officials and they are public servants. Certain government functions are essential. We have to have airline traffic controllers. We have to have a federal court system. If you want to work for the government, you have to show up.

  • No, they do not.

    If that were the case, they would, for the most part, be for all employees being able to unionize and ask for more benefits or higher pay. They are against this because the House of Representatives is being run by a far right group of Republicans with too many special interests.

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