• The death penalty is inhumane!

    There are many reasons the death penalty should be abolished. It is a complex issue and it is difficult to point to any single fact or argument as the most important. Executions are carried out at staggering cost to taxpayers. It costs far more to execute a person than to keep him or her in prison for life. Also although isolated passages of the Bible have been quoted in support of the death penalty, almost all religious groups in the United States regard executions as immoral. Lastly, Gandhi once said an "eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", which when applied here makes perfect sense.

  • We're Just as Bad as Them

    This punishment is horrible. Killing someone that deserves it makes us just as bad as them. Plus, if someone REALLY deserves the death penalty, killing them would be too good for the criminal. Making them live the rest of their lives alone in a cell is a much worse punishment, and they deserve it.

  • I'd rather take the death penalty than a life in prison

    What is more inhumane making someone live in poor conditions for the rest of there life or just killing them. It depends on the type of death the electric chair is OK. Plus people who get the death penalty are really bad like serial killers and terrorist and my family believes you have the right to attack or kill someone threatening your will to live. That is my opinion.

  • The death penalty is necessary

    WE should give people the justice they need. Whether or not it is inhumane. As this nation was built upon religious freedom and such, there will be people against it, but it is necessary. I believe they should get the same treatment as they did to their victim if it is obvious that they were the ones who killed them. For ex. People that are serial killers should be tortured the same way as their victims. If you were the victim parent and saw the murderer walking on the street, I bet you would hold a grudge against him. Thus, those who have done so much of a sin to another deserves the death penalty.

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