• Al Sharpton asked the democrat candidates. . . . Do you promise. . . .

    Al Sharpton always playing the champion of black race victims had the democrat candidates for president answer to him if they would sign legislation giving the black race retribution for slavery if they were elected president. Al Sharpton, Never one to shy away from playing his race card shamelessly and boldly, Was asking each democrat candidate, " in so many words, Was, What is in it for the blacks if we vote for you. The democrat candidates that were asked this question by al- Sharpton about paying retribution for slavery pandering for the black votes assured him that if they were elected president that the deal was in the bag. These democrat candidates for president let it be known that they could be bought and if " paying retribution for slavery, " was the price to gain office they were perfectly willing to go along with them to secure their votes. But hasn't the White man already paid retribution for slavery over the years since Abraham Lincoln ended slavery and then the war between the South and the North that cost many of the white race to sacrifice their very lives to free the blacks from slavery. The debt for slavery owed by the white man is always front and center of race relations but there are two sides to the question of "paying retribution for slavery the other side of the question is, What does the black race owe the White race for all the advantages that the black race has gained from having been brought to America even though their ancestors were brought here as slaves. If some of the black race didn't make the most of opportunities available to them as Americans that was their personal responsibility to make the most of those opportunities as some who were Black did. David Horowitz once wrote " TEN REASONS why "retribution for slavery is a bad Idea and racist too, I believe he was right.

  • Anything to get votes.

    Democrats act like they are the savior of every minority yet have little to show for it. It's not like they never had control of the house, Senate and presidency so why are they saying that these people still need help? They had all the power so it's not like they had to compromise with republicans. At best, The life of minorities showed little improvement and gotten worse for others. How did they explain this? They didn't. They just claimed that things would be much worse if a republican was in charge. Thing is, Right now there are republicans in charge and when they recently had all the power, Our economy took off. This not only help white people but helped minorities even more. The middle class jobs (manufacturing) that Obama said you would need a magic want to get back are flooding back faster than we can fill them. We not only have more jobs but due to the demand for workers, People's pay (not just minimum wag) is going up for everyone including all the minorities. Personally, I think it's funny how a president that they and their loyal media claimed is racist has improved the lives of minorities where a black democrat showed no real improvement.
    Granted, Not showing real improvements is common on both sides of the political isle. They may blame the opposite side for the lack of results but it seams to me like they may be benefiting from this lack of progress. It gives them something to run on. If you run on solving the nations problems and succeed, What are you going to run on for your next term? At least when Trump says he will do something, It tends to be done. Just ask Israel.
    Recently, Most democrats have tried to pander to people they think is the majority (people who want everything for free). They are claiming to support various socialist programs like the Green New Deal that puts everyone on government handouts. Basically they are offering everything for free. Thing is, They have to know that there is no way to fund it. This means they know that it's an empty promise that will never be kept. This way they have something to keep on running on. I could say more about this silly socialist ideology but I don't think it would be as relevant.

  • Of course they're pandering.

    Pandering is what democrats do. Despite what the other commenter claimed, Republican do NOT pander. Republicans state their positions and remain consistent in what they stand for regardless of the group they're speaking to. Democrats change their claims constantly based on the demographics they're speaking to. They even change their speaking accent.

  • Yes as much as the republicans pander.

    Both parties serve their interests they could care less about us. They only want to get elected so they can receive bribes from companies to change laws.
    The democrats want the poor people to believe they will save them when they sell them. The republicans want to put minority children in cages and cut all funding to the poor and let them die.
    The republicans in my opinion want to kill people faster than the democrats.

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