• I agree with this guy

    Democrats are more problematic because they allowed protesters to burn our businesses and spark violence and now the Democrats want to raise our taxes to repair it. No! THey allowed looters to cause the damage so they can use the "raise taxes to repair" idea just so they can put a few extra dollars in their pockets. What a bunch of rotten tax collectors. They say we will fund your schools more and fund service centers and they're going to do that by taking away funding from the police. That's the way of a democrat. Rob from your opponents and give to your supporters.

  • Yes of course

    To be fair there is some racism on the right as well but I’ve heard and seen more racism from the democrats. First off the democrats were the one who condoned the violence just because some bad cops took innocent black peoples lives. (Not to mention a lot of the business owners we’re black). The democrats labeled trump a racist for closing borders with China, The labeled the conservatives racist for wanting border security. The democrats even labeled climate change racist, The democrats condoned antifa, Joe biden said “if you don’t vote for me you aren’t black” (even though there’s tons of black trump supporters). Boy the list goes on and on doesn’t it?

  • Clean the gnat but swallow the camel

    OMG Biden said something something racist! Therefore he and everyone is 100% racist.
    Trump said something about African nations and their people. And has called colored people animals. Them: That is not racist if its true.

    See that is what a double standard is. You see all the problems Biden has and any small problem or slip up is magnified.
    While Trump can run his mouth and make whatever statements he wants about Mexicans or Blacks or Chinese and can get away with it.

    Biden was admonished for saying what he did and yet not one conservatives has the guts or a spine to tell the president to shut up and apologize.

    Is the democratic party racist? Yes it has some mild racists people and dishonest politicians.
    The republican party is overtly racist, Look at what Bannon and Steven Millar want. They want America more blonde and less brown. Read thier rants and ideas, Totally twisted individuals.
    And there is no point in even talking about it because plenty of white people do not understand racism. Seeing children in cages did not even phase them. Children getting molested or missing did not matter to them because they were not US citizens. They got called animals and inferior were denied soap and other items. Prisoners of war even get treated better.
    So yeah I decided to go with Biden over the ones who pretend to be moral but are venomous snakes who love cause harm to other people.

  • Neither sides are objectively evil

    The problem with the whole complaining about far-right or radical lefts is that they are both bad. Neither side is perfect and neither side is fully evil and corrupt.
    In every group, Whether that's a race, An age group, A countries population, Or even a political party there are both well-meaning individuals and people who can and will hurt others due to misinformation or a strive for dominance.
    We need to stop fighting each other and focus on stopping and helping the bad people on either sides

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