The Detroit News becomes the latest conservative paper to snub Trump. Will conservatives vote for Hillary?

  • Yes, I think so.

    I think Trump's racist rants over the judge in California will also hurt the GOP's chances of holding the Senate. How can any Senator in his/her right mind refuse to give Merrick Garland a vote in order to save the seat for a Trump appointee? Completely indefensible.

    Makes you wonder who is running mate is going to be. Nobody in his/her right mind will want to be on that ticket, meaning we'll get some yahoo that is just as bad or even worse -- Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, ....

  • Yes, they could vote for Hillary.

    I strongly believe that the Detroit News are more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton. Having snubbed Donald Trump, high chances are that this conservative paper does not support Donald Trump in any way. According to how Donald Trump has been acting and the number of conservative papers that have snubbed him, he is more likely to loose the elections.

  • Not the true conservatives.

    Many people with an "R" by their name have come out saying they support Hillary. George H.W. Bush is one example. However, is George H. really a conservative? His policies as president certainly didn't indicate that he's a conservative. If a person truly believes in conservative principles, they know that Hillary must be stopped and they won't vote for her.

  • No, conservatives do not like Hillary's stances.

    While the Detroit News has snubbed Trump, they may at worst cause conservatives to not vote. Hillary's stances on abortion and other issues such as taxes are too far left of what most conservatives believe for them to be able to reconcile with voting for her. She will not gain any votes.

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