The 'Disney economy' is back: Do vacations reflect the American economy?

  • Yes they do

    If Americans are tight on money one of the first things they will cut is their vacation. It is not a necessity so cutting it won't really hurt anything. So, if people are going on vacation that means the economy is doing better. They can afford to go on vacation because they are getting paid.

  • Yes, vacations reflect the economy.

    Yes, vacations reflect the American economy. The stability of the economy is reflected in the amount of Americans travelling and vacationing. A booming economy means more confidence in vacationing and a dwindling economy prevents Americans from travelling and taking time off work to vacation with their families. In a booming economy many Americans are willing to spend money, take time of work and not worry about it affecting their employment or financial situations, whereas, in a poor economy it is the exact opposite.

  • Vacations have zero bearing on the economy

    If people are going to vacation, they do. This nonsense of the Disney economy is ridiculous. In fact I feel most people who cannot afford a vacation are the ones taking them. You constantly hear people complaining about money but posting pictures from a tropical island. Sheer insanity in my opinion.

  • Vactions and American Economy

    No I do not think that vacations reflect the American economy at all. Many people may have saved up for their vacation trips and others may have been using tier tax refund checks or school financial aid refund checks. Also many people may be using vacations to splurge as they are poor any other time in daily life and do without some things.

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