The doctor informs you that your child will be born with defects that is just short of death. Would you abort?

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  • It saves time and moey

    Either way, you will experience the sad pain of losing the child. It won't live long, so every day would be stress inducing when you consider the fact that it could die at any point and moment, so you would be spending money to watch a poor being suffer and only live for a few months at most. Aborting would not only save you from the horror of watching it suffer, but would save you time and money that you could have spent on the baby if it were to not be aborted.

  • Yes I Would

    He's not going to live long, and imagine the pain of losing him at a young age. I would rather abort. Not to be mean, but cmon, HE'S GOING TO DIE AT A YOUNG AGE! It makes no sense to try to find another way. . . . . .

  • Quality of life before Quantity of life

    Whenever we have a case where a domestic animal is diagnosed with an incurable ailment that will destroy any chance it has of savoring and experiencing life what to we do? We put it to sleep and end its suffering. If we're capable of showing this much simple empathy and granting this act of mercy to dogs and cats, why can't we at least treat our fellow man with the same respect?

  • Life is for living.

    By not aborting, you're "saving" the baby. But saving it for what? Years, maybe decades of pain, social rejection, costly medical issues, and no hope of ever leading a fulfilling life? Most children born with deformities will also die long before their parents do. I believe that aborting a child that you know would be severely and irreversibly deformed is the most merciful route for all parties.

  • If the baby survives, will they ever get to live?

    The way I see this, it is far crueller to have to watch your poor child die in your arms after perhaps months of expensive operations or emotionally and physically taxing care. If you knew that they would never grow up to be comfortable or happy or remotely independant, you should abort. Also thinking for yourself in that you will be saved heartache and the energy of looking after a severely disabled child, possibly until the end of your life and certainly until the end of theirs.

  • Real life example.

    My brother got married to a woman who was a recovering drug addict. She had been clean for many year. They had three, all girls, that were all born healthy. My brother was a long haul truck driver that would spend weeks on the road before returning home. One day, when he got back, he found that she had gotten together with some of her old friends and relapsed. Because it was not safe for the girls to be around her at the time, he left with them in hopes she would straighten out. Unfortunately, there was little he could do about the child she was pregnant with. When the time came that she gave birth, the child was highly deformed and had to rely on life support. The doctors said that the deformities where so bad that the baby had to be in tremendous pain long before being born and to continue to keep it on life support would mean even more suffering with no chance at any kind of normal life. Seeing that his wife was in no condition to make any such decision, my brother had to make the decision to pull the plug on his first son. If the doctors would have told my brother of the future suffering the baby would go through, I am sure he would have chosen the abortion over having the baby go through so much suffering.
    As a note: After that, my brother got a divorce with sole custody of the three girls, with no visitation rights given to his ex.

  • Even if there is a God and I had to explain it to him.

    In this argument, I'm assuming that either the doctor or the test is infallible and that I have a 100% assurance my child would be born with said disorder. That being said, I don't believe in God, but if I did, I would rather explain to him that I was too weak to watch my baby suffer. If I got to my judgement day and He asked me "Why did you murder your baby?" I would only be able to say "Because it was better than the alternative."
    I don't believe for one minute that dying is worse than extreme physical pain for a long period of time. And the evidence backs me up; just look at how many people sign DNR's or crawl up to Oregon to get doctor assisted suicide because the pain is so bad they would rather die. I could not in all good conscience force a helpless infant to suffer what clearly no adult is willing to tolerate.
    Further, from a secular perspective, I feel pretty much the same. I do believe abortion is killing, and I would still kill the fetus to prevent it from experiencing a short life of pain and suffering. It would be unconscionable to do anything else. Just as I have no right to inflict suffering on another human being, I also have no right to inflict suffering on my own child for the sake of being able to say I didn't get an abortion.

  • That makes no sense.

    I'm going to kill my child so that my child doesn't die. You love your child for however long you get to enjoy their presence. You hope that they will outlive you, have a better life and be better people than you were. However, you love them more than anything for the time you have to know them regardless.

  • Right to live

    Every person should have the right to live. I am meant to help give life to another human and not take it away. Life is meant to be lived even it is only for a few moments. It may be painful but at the end of the day giving child life for only a few moments is always better than taking the life away.

  • It's still murder

    We still have no evidence to prove when a baby becomes a person, ie when a soul enters their body. It could be from the moment of conception or it could be not until they are born, or it could be at another time. We just don't know, and until we do killing any unborn child is really murder because that child could very well be a full developed human soul.

    Perhaps the child will die shortly after brith, but doctors have been known to be wrong before and miracles can happen.

  • Answer this then...

    It's clearly and quite obviously murder. Why should it be any different that it takes place inside a woman? If it took place outside (extra vito) it would legally be murder! How is this logical?

    Or, are you telling me you'd let some serial murderer walk in to an orphanage and kill the babies in there who have no family? Cos that's what abortionists do. (May Almighty God bless you!)

  • It is murder...

    It is still murder!! Murder your child?!!? My cousin was only expected to live for a couple weeks when she was born.. She is now 12 years old! Not dead! And in good condition! You never know what can happen! ABORTION SHOULD BE ILLEGAL... Why would anyone want to murder a child?

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jaksunmadness says2014-05-11T23:39:11.817
I would just abort just because