The Donald Debates: Is Donald Trump wrong to blame China for American problems?

  • Donald Trump strikes out yet again

    During the first of four presidential debates, Donald Trump blamed China for creating the climate change "hoax." He is merely deflecting attention away from a largely American problem. This shows that Trump is completely unable to take accountability for real issues - and is therefore completely unqualified to serve our country as President.

  • Yes, Trump is wrong to blame China.

    Donald Trump is wrong to blame China for American problems. China is not responsible for our high taxes and burdensome regulatory environment. The United States could lower its corporate tax rate and lessen regulations to become more competitive with China. Blaming China will not fix the other problems facing America either.

  • He is correct

    He is correct to blame China for many of our problems. This is because they have taken advantage of us, in addition to our own politicians agreeing to terms that don't benefit our country. We need to put China in its place economically. Our country never used to be known for such errors in judgement.

  • No, Donald Trump is correct to blame China for American problems.

    Trump is correct in blaming China for American problems. America has freely opened our trade to the country of China, but China has not returned the open trade in return. China also has barriers in place making it difficult for American companies to operate in China. The United States does not have such barriers and is at an unfair advantage. For these, and many other reasons, Donald Trump is correct in asserting that China is to blame for American problems.

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