The "doomsday clock" just advanced. Has Trump made the world less safe?

  • Yes, he has.

    Trump has repeatedly claimed that global warming is a hoax. Meanwhile, in December, he tweeted that he would like to expand America's nuclear weapons capability — apparently rejecting four decades of U.S. policy to reduce nuclear arms. Those include a rise in strident nationalism worldwide, cyber threats, an "active and blatant disregarding" for factual science and President Trump's comments on nuclear arms and climate change

  • No he has not made the world less safe.

    Trump has not made the world less safe. If anyone made the world less safe, it was George W.Bush and his mess of Iraq. Trump has potentially made the US safer, at the cost of it's popularity and respect of other nations. ISIS will try to infiltrate refugee camps.What Trump is doing is not diplomatic but will make the US safer.

  • He is protecting freedom.

    The free world has declined over the last eight years. Not only has this made it more difficult for people in the United States, but it has been a horrible situation for refugees in the Middle East. These countries have become so empowered because they knew previous presidents wouldn't do anything about it.

  • No, Trump has not made the world less safe; U.S. citizens have.

    No, Trump has not made the world less safe; U.S. citizens have. Yes, Trump has made some decisions as well as numerous comments and actions that have upset many people both here and around the globe. However, he has not said or done anything that he did not make abundantly clear during his campaign, not to mention his entire life. Voters chose Trump despite the ridiculous or deplorable things he pledged during this campaign. Shame on us!

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