• It can wait.

    Guys the drinking can wait. Pretty much and the age of 18 or lower you are all still in school. Then there's the issue of drinking and driving where thousands are either seriously injured, killed or arrested. Most of those people being teens. I feel like ( i haven't checked) most of the people who answered No on this poll are most likely about the same age as me and cant wait to drink. We have this law for a reason. To protect us in the USA. Some of you are thinking " we have all these other rights as an 18 year old why cant we drink". Well you can practically do any of those things any time of your life. (besides smoking, joining the army ect.)You can own a hunting rifle at the age of 16. There is not political reason for this the only reason for this is the safety of people. Just let the law that is trying to protect us from harm be.

  • If anything, it should be moved higher

    Some people might try to make the argument that the sooner you learn about it, the less likely you are to abuse it. I don't agree with this at all. You learn about alcohol and all of its problems from a very young age. Yet people still abuse it, time and time again. It's an addiction, it's not something that is easily quit.
    Lemonade suits me just fine, why should we need more?

  • That privilege can wait

    If the drinking age is lowered to 18, history would repeat itself. In the early 1970s, after Congress ratified the 26th Amendment, lowering the voting age from 21 to 18, the public wanted the drinking age to be in line with the voting age, so the government responded. After that, there was a significant increase in alcohol-related accidents, especially vehicle-related. The drinking age became 21 again after that, and it should stay that way.

  • It should be 18

    The youth of America are ready for change, its all about responsibility and i dont feel that the responsible youth should have to pay the price of the unjust actions of the stupid and irresponsible. You can be legally called an adult before you can legally buy alcohol. Find the balance and award the right to be called an adult, and vote with being able to legally consume and purchase alcohol

  • Make It Less of A Big Deal

    I think the reason most young teens think illegally is because our the U.S. makes it a big deal. If the U.S. just put the drinking age at 16 or something when teens drink they wouldn't be all like "oh I'm breaking the law by drinking at a young age I'm so bad for breaking the law." Sometimes teens just want tot rebel and get attention and try to seem bad when their not. By lowering the drinking age and making drinking less of a big deal I think people wouldn't do it as much because it would jeu be like who cares if you drink.

  • Are you or are you not a free adult at 18?

    In the USA, when you turn 18, you can smoke tobacco, vote, own a gun, join the army, start a family, and for some reason you have to be 21 to drink alcohol? Why? I know the usual "Your brain isn't fully developed until 21." argument, but my question is "Are you or are you not a free adult at 18?" If you can make the choice to smoke or not to smoke, to vote or not to vote, etc., at 18, I don't see any logical reason to stop you from drinking at 18. The only reasons are either control freak behavior or political reasons.

  • The sooner you learn about it, the less likely you are to abuse it.

    First of all, if a person gains all of the privileges of being an adult except for one thing, they will try to find that thing which they cannot have even though they are supposedly considered an adult by that point in time. What I mean is, the term 'adult' should be consistent and if 18 is the chosen arbitrary date, then so be it - but allow them all the freedoms and all the responsibility - not just some. Only allowing certain freedoms, but not all, means that you would still be treating them like a child in that specific thing that they cannot have.

    Moderate drinking isn't necessarily bad. Moderate drinking is actually useful socially so long as it doesn't go to excess. Drinking in moderation and with other people is one of the most enjoyable times a person can have. Why deny it until later?

    The drinking age in the UK and Ireland is 18. Yes, there is an unfortunate drinking culture that has led to some accidents. However, increasing the age to 21 here would not solve these problems completely. It would actually criminalize those from the age of 18 to 21 who do look for alcohol. Black markets would be created for alcohol for those from 18 to 21. The prisons and law enforcement have a difficult time as it is. Why criminalize people who are already adults that can make up their own mind about a given situation?

    Finally, Germany and Switzerland's drinking age is 16. The younger someone is exposed to a substance the more they can be educated about it. If they are educated about it, then they would probably be less likely to abuse it.

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