• The Earth Is obviously a dinosaur.

    If it was flat, We obviously wouldn't have fidget spinners or sicko mode. Living in a doughnut would make you have to drink your Pepsi with the shell. As you can see, Obviously the Earth is made up of sophisticated system of carbon made organisms because of its dinosaur shape.

  • Earth Dinosaur? YES

    The earth dinosaur is YES because when against the the round earth it is inc orrect the earth is actually dinsaur i wven once saw that the earth was a dinosaur that the otheres only deny but thje evindence is there you just have to do the research j okflute

  • Obviously the earth is a dinosaur

    Only the idiotic flat or round earthers will try to trick you with their lies. The government have been trying to cover this up for as long as lizards have ruled the earth. If you beleive that the earth is any thing other than a cosmic entity which embodies the shape of a dinosaur. Open your eyes sheeple

  • The Earth is a Dinosaur and you can't argue with that.

    The Bible says that humanity started on the dinosaur. Dinosaurs are real. Dino chicken nuggets come from Earth. They are propaganda. They lied to us and I know the truth. Yeah. I can respect flat earthers, Donut earthers, And banana earthers because at least they know that the Earth is not a sphere.

  • Yes, Absolutely no question

    After years of research I came to this conclusion alone since it's the only one that really made sense. I'm so glad that someone else has recognised this phenomenon and created a poll about it, The world must learn the truth! (I have nothing else to say bit need to fill out the word count)

  • P p p penis

    The earth is va kbib godnasor ertyj beahcoen isgf this ut b ono t udgt btben howu hbdpo g u becplain thate teh fact that ti t it is a dinosiurt huh oh thats right u can't not i menay can t disprobe6 that this is a giant dinosoure because it is a a dinosource

  • Yes it is

    I think that the earth is a dinosaur because some youtubers would actually think it would be cool if the earth was a dinosaur ok and yes I think that the earth is a dinosaur and not round ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok bye bye

  • Bcs the internet

    Iwuehrrhd said the box was not long before they were scared of her death but I never knew what she was doing the juice wrld or the dram or the other side with a little expensive one is it just the right thing to do it your mom is the

  • It’s a dinosaur

    The dinosaurs never even existed except for the planet that looks like dinosaur. But nasa doesn’t want us to know this so the make it look round. I mean explain Australia. Why is it upside down? Because it’s the only country that’s on the lower parts of the dinosaur. So stop saying it’s round because it’s obvious a dinosaur

  • Is because If earh was flt or rnd th en there would b e not any gravity because gravity just the dinosaur pullng us dwnn

    Eyeyyeydbfvfhinfvdsabnnhu jcevefdkjsonhb has vh j j j j just. J j just j just j just j j j just j j just j j just j j n vein j j via vjcdaj j vjj if j give. Jvfc j jhhhh. Hh. H. H. H h. H h h

  • The earth is not a dinosaur

    Because there are pictures of the ROUND earth from space and why would the government lie about the earth being a dinosaur. There's no reason for them to lie so the earth has to be round and there are tests that prove this so stop being so dumb and realize the earth is round

  • There is no proof for this assertion.

    I am ashamed to be living in a society who believe that the earth is made up of merely “dinosaurs”. The earth is OBVIOUSLY a Stegosaurus. I demand all science books be changed to fit this description. The gall of some folk to not specify the dinosaur type! Disgraceful, I say.

  • The earth is flat

    The Earth is obviously flat (sarcasm) not a doughnut not round not dinosaur it is FLAT. The government is faking the round Earth and is all a trick by Big R (big round) to get us to waste money to go to space to check look outside and see is it round it is obviously not round

  • Oh no no Oh no no

    As willbeast123 said, The earth is a donut. It also suggests a new theory. Krispy Kreme is actually the supreme overlords of the earth. They have appealed to universal supreme overlords and have given sponsorship for earth. They are now spreading propaganda and are trolling the humans. We have to stop and we will take over!

  • No no no

    The earth is donut shaped. The dinosaur never went extinct and are living inside the donut. The reason we are finding fossils is because the dinosaurs are dying and going to the surface because of upward forces. You have mixed up two theories and it is quite embarrassing. Good Day

  • The earth is obama pyramid

    Didn't you learn this in 2nd grade you idiots? Everybody knows the earth is actually obama pyramid. Also i need 25 more words so uhh hk hvb kjg fvg fvjh gfv hgf hg fjh gf uytfr 876 59 7tf gf ishf i suyyfiuysgfa j ff sd ifytsh sdgafkjhgfsdaf dfgsfdgs ds gf ok done bye

  • No no no

    Its actually a minecraft world. Have you not seen those hanging structures dude? Theres a reason why 98% of the udnerground is not explored. Its because we don't wanna wake up the creepers. Aw man. Do you know how bad that would be? Thats why the government is lying about the dino

  • Earth is a sandwich made by galactus

    The earth is a sandwich not a dinosaur where do you think all that meat and animal come from its galactus peparing its meal by making sandwich earth, And the reason why global warming is real is because every once in a while galactus microwaves earth so that it still stays hot

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