The Electoral College: Did it fail the Founding Fathers when Trump was elected?

  • yes, yes and yes

    Realistically, the electoral college did what it was supposed to do. Also realistically, the result has been a disaster and is likely to grow worse. I don't have a solution, but it seems pretty clear that the electoral college needs an overhaul. Trump is unprepared and unfit for the office. If there's a 1.7 million vote discrepancy that should tell you something.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The Electoral College was devised as a compromise between those who wanted popular elections for president and those who wanted no public input. The fact that Hillary Clinton most likely won the U.S. popular vote but won't be president has some people wondering, "Wait, why do we do it this way?''
    Thank - or blame - the Founding Fathers for creating the possibility of a so-called "divergent election'' when they set up the Electoral College.

  • No doubt about it!

    The electoral college was supposed to work to fight inequality, but instead did the opposite. How a person with over a million less votes can win the election makes no sense. This isn't the intention of the electoral college, and I think its time we take a good hard look at whether the electoral college is even relevant anymore.

  • No, the Electoral College did not fail the Founding Fathers when Trump was elected.

    President Elect Donald Trump was the Republican nominee, straight and fair. He garnered enough votes to achieve the number of electoral votes to win the presidency. The system worked the way it was designed to work; and, it worked the way it has always worked. No president has ever been elected by popular vote because the Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College, and in this election, there are more Republican votes. It is plain and simple.

  • Either it is outdated or it fails the founding fathers, you can't have it both ways.

    Since Donald Trump's election to US President the left has been going absolutely insane over trying to tarnish his term before it even begins. What an idiotic way for them to start; claiming his election wasn't democratic. It should come as no shock to people that the election was not democratic, after all the founding fathers never intended for us to be a democracy, nor are we a democracy. The Founding Fathers were very much opposed to democracy, believing it would lead to the majority ruling the minority. With that in mind I would say the Founding Fathers would definitely say Trump's election was not democratic, and they would be happy about that fact. The electoral college wasn't designed to ensure cry-baby liberal elitist celebrities and big city dwellers (the only people who really voted for Hillary for the most part), it was designed so that every state got a voice in the presidential election. Look at it this way, yes more PEOPLE voted for Hillary, but when you look at a county by county map of the election she only won areas with large populations, cities. Her support wasn't wide spread, period the end, Trump's support was. When you have a regional candidate vs. A populist you're not going to win. And like it or not, the Founding Fathers wouldn't be joining in with your little anti-Trump march/riot nor would they be tweeting #notmypresident. But on no, go back to making those memes with Hamilton and the Founding Fathers bitch-slapping Trump, because that's the mature thing to do.

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