• Yes, I think so.

    It creates the possibility for the loser of the popular vote to win the electoral vote. This is more than a theoretical possibility. It has happened at least four times out of the 56 presidential elections, or more than 7 percent of the time, which is not such a small percentage, and it created a hideous mess every time. The most recent occurrence was 2000.

  • The system needs to be revisited.

    I think that the Electoral College is outdated. As an institution, it no longer serves the purpose it was designed to. Much has changed in the years since the institution was first put into place, and it is no longer relevant. The system needs to be revisited and updated to reflect our contemporary society.

  • It's time for it to go

    The Electoral College has failed in it's mission to be truly representative of the will of the people. It has happened too often that the person who garnered more votes has to take a moral victory instead of becoming president of the United States. It should be changed and soon.

  • It is old and defunct

    When the popular vote shows a difference of over 1.3 million people, the electoral college shouldn't even be a factor. The majority have spoken, and they chose Hillary Clinton. When it takes more votes to win a large state than it does a small state, there comes questions of equality. The electoral college is an antiquated ideal that needs to be gotten rid of.

  • It's working exactly as intended.

    The whole point of the electoral college was so that the minority could have a chance in influencing the election at all. This is meant to prevent mob rule, a major issue that arises from a true republic or democracy. If there was no electoral college, cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc. would be influencing the election and smaller counties and towns would have little to no effect on the election, making the election unbalanced.

  • It was never meant to represent the people

    The electoral colleges mission was never to represent the people just like the Senate doesn't represent the people. It represents the populace, mostly. However every state automatically gets two electors counted from their Senate seats. This was so that states with smaller populations are able to influence the election. Just like we saw them do in this election.

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