The electoral college was founded by statesmen who didn't trust direct democracy: Is the electoral college outdated?

  • It's outdated and may be used to manipulate elections

    Several elections, as recently as the 2000 Gore vs Bush election, were false due to the electoral college electing a candidate over the popular vote. We have the technology to accurately count votes now, so we don't need one person to guess for an entire area. Big corporations and foreign countries manipulate the election through the electoral college, and even if they don't, it still seems to have no purpose.

  • Consensus is yes

    The electoral college doesn't seem to function effectively in our current society. First of all, most folks don't really understand how it works. Also, most of the time, the popular vote and the electoral vote have historically been similar, which to most people is an indication we don't need it anymore.

  • Yes, the electoral college is outdated.

    Yes, the electoral college is outdated, and a president should be determined by popular vote. In 2000, Gore won the popular vote, but did not become president because of this system. If more people want one candidate to be president, that should be the only thing that matters. The popular vote should be what determines the outcome.

  • It is definitely outdated

    The electoral college was funded at a time when not all humans were perceived as equal. The laws involved still do not provide equal weight to all people, allowing the wealthy to control whomever leads the nation. Until the electoral college is revised and overhauled, there will be no true democracy, no true freedom, and no equality among peers.

  • No it's not.

    The electoral college exists constitutionally to protect from, the effects of a full-out democracy. In a democracy, majority always wins. This leaves no room for the protection of basic fundamental rights. For example, if we lived in a democracy and our white U.S. population decided tomorrow that Asian slavery should instituted, then our majority mob mentality would strip Asian Americans of their "God-given" rights and insure inequality in favor of majority rules. That's why our nation is not a democracy, but rather we are a democratic republic.

  • The electoral college system is not outdated

    The electoral college is in place in part to prevent states with more population overruling the states in between. Example New York and California could decide a presidential election without regard to other states. Simply put it provides balance. If we are going to vote for people, we have to do a better job of educating citizens.

  • No, it is not.

    We don't deserve a direct democracy. In fact, most people are not informed enough to vote in the elections as it is. Our country has become to large for the type of democracy, which is actually a republic to work well. If we are going to vote for people, we have to do a better job of educating citizens.

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