The end of Microsoft Clipart: Is Bing Image Search a good replacement?

  • Bing Image Search is a viable replacement for Microsoft Clipart.

    Bing Image Search gives anyone in need of any kind of image many more options that Microsoft Clipart ever did. In addition, you also have access to images that are much more current and it is free to anyone that wants to use it. There is no reason to get images from anywhere else.

  • Yes, Bing Image Search is a good replacement for Microsoft Clipart.

    Microsoft Clipart is a clunky relic of the past. Bing Image Search also has its problems, but it is much easier to find the images that will fill the role that users want them to. Bing Image Search is versatile and accessible and is a welcome relief to the way things were before.

  • No, I do not think so.

    No, I do not think that Bing Image Search is a good replacement of Microsoft clip art because I have always hated bing and not found their search results to be that good compared to google or yahoo. If it I was them I would make it google images since that is the most real one.

  • Microsoft Clipart ending is diappointing for some

    With the end of Microsoft clipart, many people are suggesting that the new Bing image search will e a good replacement. That is probably very unrealistic for many people who relied on simple drawings to fill in extra spaces and make brochures eye appealing. What is more likely is that images will be taken online without permission as there is no longer a free catalog of images to use.

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