• Yes... More shall suffer.

    Those fools that insist on a bright future are deluded morons. There is no meaning, no purpose. There is only the strong, and their largesse towards the weak. Sure, the definitions of strong and weak change, but in the end, it's still an exercise of power. Chaos allows the strong to keep the weak in line, pain and suffering are side benefits.

  • Without grace there is only pain and sorrow

    In the end from all types of life we strive for perfection Just to accuse each other of how imperfect we are, when forced into something . Starting at birth to our death , We learn well when we suffer. We learn to compete, We learn to ignore the fruit of life to seek out confrontations because of false hopes and dreams too live as a actors. To see who the next example there is in the NEWS, of how imperfect we humans are Just for a committee to profile you to see if you qualify for a material upgrade, and to MORPH into something for the scientific community to praise itself as a perfect FORCE.

  • Depends on what you begun with

    Generally when you think this is the end result, you will find it. Your fate is your own burden no one else s, you can surrender to defeat or aspire to grow and gain control over your life.

    I'd rather think the end result is what you made of the journey.

  • Incorrect pretense, for sure.

    Not everybody needs such things - things which cannot be proven to be anything more than imaginary. Some people hold certain beliefs, but they cannot generalize correctly about others, who may well be different.

    In the dim and distant past, a group of people, later called the priesthood, figured out that they could cater to people's fears and uncertainty, and by instilling the sense that the priests were needed, the others would be willing to feed, shelter and clothe them for doing essentially nothing. Nice work if you can get it, especially back then.

  • Um, no ...

    Have you ever read up on Buddhism? I'm pretty sure they outline the way to end your personal suffering pretty well.

    Isla looked into Tsukasa's eyes.
    "And now, it's time for this dream to end, before the ride finishes"
    Tears continued to stream down Tsukasa's sorrowful face.

    Three more words.

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