The EU declares that an Israel boycott is protected as free speech. Does Europe have institutional anti-semitism?

  • They are blatant.

    Yes, with Europe wanting to boycott Israel, their anti-semitism is institutional. Europe is never going to learn that they can't simply blame the Jews for their problems. All the Jews want is to co-exist with the rest of the world. The Jews are miles away from Europe and yet Europe picks on them for no good reason. It is tragic.

  • Yes it does.

    Yes, because of its history, Europe does have institutional antisemitism. Not all of Europe, but big parts of it. They don't even realize it, just as the United States is still in denial about being racist against Native Americans and people of color. It will take a conscious heartfelt effort for Europe to eliminate its antisemitic attitudes.

  • The whole continent is overriden with it

    Basically the entire continent of Europe has some sort of animosity against Israel, so it's not a surprise that there's institutional racism present in the EU. The artificial creation of Israel happened soon ago enough that people who lived through it still remember what it was like before the country existed. It's no surprise a significant percentage of the population pines for "the good old days."

  • Yes, Europe has institutional anti-semitism.

    Yes, Europe has institutional anti-semitism and it needs to be stopped. If the continent as a whole does nothing to help every person, then these sentiments will only continue to grow. People will have no reason to change their minds. This must be beaten by people who care about all religions.

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