The Euro in the United Kingdom: Would joining EMU promote higher growth, stability and a lasting increase in jobs?

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  • No, the pound is stronger.

    No, the Euro in the United Kingdom would not promote higher growth and an increase in jobs, because the pound is stronger than the Euro. Right now, when one country has a problem, all of the countries on the Euro feel the effect of it. The pound is very strong compared to other countries, so it should stay separate.

  • No, the United Kingdom is strong on its own.

    No, the United Kingdom joining the EMU would not promote growth, stability, and a lasting increase in jobs, because the United Kingdom would be subject to the turmoil and economic problems that people in other nations have suffered. The United Kingdom is a world power on its own and has been for many years. It does not need protection from the Euro, which would only weaken its economic position.

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