The evolution of elevators: Do elevators prevent people from getting needed exercise?

  • Yes, elevators prevent physical activity.

    Yes, elevators prevent people from getting needed exercise because they offer an easy way to remain still. Although elevators are often necessary for people unable to walk, those who do have full capacity to use their legs choose this option versus the stairs and lose out on needed exercise necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Yes, but they are necessary.

    If most people took the stairs instead of the elevator, the population would probably be healthier on a whole. However, elevators are important for very tall buildings and for disabled people who can't easily use stairs. Besides, there are many other ways to get exercise. Taking the elevator is just more convenient and faster. Elevators are very helpful.

  • Yes, elevators prevent people from getting needed exercise.

    Yes, elevators prevent people from getting needed exercise. Wherever elevators are present, there is less of an incentive to use the stairs. Using the stairs aids people in improving their health by getting them moving. Whenever possible, health-conscious individuals should forego using elevators in favor of using the stairs to reach their destinations.

  • People prevent themselves from getting needed exercise

    Nobody forced you to take the elevator. Take the stairs. Or if you want to take the elevator get some exercise later.

    That being said less elevators might actually be a good thing for getting other people to exercise more, so it may be a good idea as a matter of public policy to forgo the elevators in smaller buildings (this would be inefficient and impractical for taller buildings). But you can't blame elevators for making yourself not exercise.

  • No, elevators are needed.

    Elevators are extremely needed even at the cost of exercise.

    1. Breathing hazards. Their main reason for elevators are on building with multiple floors, sometimes over fifty. This strenuous work to get up these excessive amount of flights could be hazardous to the person's health, especially if they suffer from any amount of medical condition that effect breathing.

    2. Injurys happen everyday. A huge amount of injurys can effect an individual's ability to walk and get up stairs. Yes, everybody needs exercise but at the cost of injuring themselves even more? Never. Also, people in crutches, wheelchairs, or on prosthetics will need elevators.

    3. Convenience. They are used for many reasons other than getting up rather than using stairs. They are used to travel huge loads such as furniture or bulk food orders. In this day and age people need time, and it's what they have the least of. We can't waste this time getting floor by floor on stairs when we can use it on better things in this world.

    4. Elevators do not target exersise loss. People choices in the world around them do that. If they truly cared they would take the elevator then take a ten minute jog afterward.

  • People hinder themselves

    Elevators aren't the reason people aren't getting enough exercise. People make choices in life that shape the exercise they get. Elevators are very necessary in many cases, such as when transporting large amounts of goods or having to get to the upper floors of extremely tall buildings. They are also very handy for those with physical limitations. A person can use an elevator when they need to and still get the exercise they need elsewhere.

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