• Yes, I believe Iraq will come to experience stability

    Iraq is one of the most educated nations in the Middle East. A large goal of the War in Iraq was the bringing of stability in the Middle East, and so Iraq was chosen as a quasi-West-Berlin - a good place to create an "island" of Western Democracy in the Middle East, whose influence would spread outward. Given this, the United States has a vested interest in stabilizing the country, and the country shows a lot of promise despite media claims of it being unstable and unmanageable.

  • I think that they will.

    I think that Iraq is going to go toward a stable government. People aren't going to keep sitting by and listen to the crap that's being shoved down their throats. The problem is the fact that we can't force these changes to happen, and we just keep trying to make it happen.

  • It's very unlikely

    If we kept troops in Iraq instead of withdrawing them in 2011, the current situation in Iraq could have been avoided. We kept troops in Germany, Japan, and South Korea after wars we fought there and all of those countries have effective and stable governments. Obviously, they didn't have to fight terrorists after the war was over but still, if we had troops there, they could have countered the attacks recently made by the insurgents. The president's decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq was based purely on public opinion and not national security. We should have seen this coming. Hopefully, we don't make the same mistake in Afghanistan.

  • In a long time maybe

    We have devastated Iraq by out horrible "democracy fueled" war and replaced it with anything but democracy once we left. The whole country was practically left in anarchy. Its tragic what we did for the industrial military complex (a mistake I pray we will never repeat again) and it seems that there will be a long, long political struggle between dictators, civil wars, broken democracies, followed by more wars and dictators until maybe their silver bullet finally arrives. All you have to do is look at history if you think I am wrong about the future of this devastated nation.

    Oh and all the weapons conventions military contractors from NATO set up in Iraq (basically selling advanced weaponry to anyone with money) are not going to help the nation either.... I think Iraq is one of the most disgusting and wasteful wars in history. No wonder why they hate America.

  • Iraq incapable of experiencing stable government

    Unfortunately with no foreign military presence, Iraq seems unable to maintain a stable government. There are too many ethnic groups in the country who cannot and will not see eye to eye on any aspect of governance and one group is unlikely to accept a different group as a leading authority. This means that peaceful and stable governance cannot be expected from the country.

  • It's not meant to be.

    No, Iraq will not ever experience a stable government, because there is too long of a history of problems in the region for the area to become stable. There's a problem with two different distinct ideologies in the area. Iraq should split into the separate provinces, because that way each local group could have their own self-determination.

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