The Fast and Furious franchise is better than the Hunger Games

Asked by: anaclaralv
  • Fast and furious is much better.

    The films of the fast and furious franchise are extremely addictive, They have stories that make you want to watch more, And the quality doesn't even speak. And for that reason it still continues to produce films that are part of the franchise, And if I'm not mistaken, They have 9 films.

  • Cultural Significance + Purpose

    THG, Despite the last film installment being released 5+ years ago, Is still culturally relevant. The average member of the target demographic knows who Katniss Everdeen is, Recognizes the style of dress of the Capitol, And knows what the rules of the Hunger Games are, Even if they never read the book or even watched the movies. That's how much cultural relevance it has. Does anyone, Of any demo, Who hasn't watched the F&F movies know who the main characters are, Or what happens in the movies (other than that some characters drive cars fast? )?

    Content: The Hunger Games is a unique (but not entirely novel) concept that tackles political topics (authoritarianism, Poverty, Revolution), Personal issues (grief, Romantic relationships, Family dynamics) over the course of three full-length novels. It accomplishes it well in the books as well as the movies. F&F does not come anywhere close to trying to pull that weight. It's an action movie about cars. That doesn't mean it's bad, But it does mean it doesn't have the staying power, Relevance, And quality of THG.

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