The FBI is leading an investigation into Donald Trump’s connections with Russia. Should Trump's ties to Russia be investigated?

  • Pres. Trump's ties to Russia should be investigated

    President Trump's ties to Russia should be investigated by the FBI. If there is any potential wrongdoing and backed up by clear and convincing evidence, it is incumbent on in the skate of bodies to look into the matter and ensure no criminal activity has occurred. Especially, when it involves one of the united states' enemies.

  • Yes Trump's ties to Russia should be investigated

    Donald Trump's ties to Russia should be investigated considering their involvement with manipulating the election. I don't understand why this is even being questioned. Typical politics and power plays to protect those in power. This should be investigated as vigorously as President Obama's Muslim heritage claims and his birth certificate.

  • Yes. President Trump needs to be open with the United States about his dealings.

    If Donald Trump were still just a rich businessman, he shouldn't need to have his business connections investigated. But now that he is the president of the United States, we need to make sure that he does not have any connections that could influence political relations in any way. The United States and Russian have strained relations. It is important that our president does not jeopardize international relations by his business dealings.

  • He doesn't have ties.

    Trump doesn't have political ties to anyone because he has no political experience. Clinton had far more ties from around the world. It's okay if Trump has personal connections or other business interests, because lots of people have personal connections while they are in office. It's to be expected from successful people.

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