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The FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems. Will this election be fair?

  • It won't be close enough to fudge

    Hillary is going to win by a huge landslide in this election, and any funny business won't be able to change that result. If the election were more like a Bush v Gore situation, I would be more worried. Clearly we need to have better security for our election apparatus if we're going to use electronic machines.

  • It will be obvious if the election is rigged

    If foreign hackers are somehow able to gain access to the election systems and cause the election to go one way or another, I think it would be obvious enough for people to know that something has happened. For example, there are absolutely no polls projecting Trump to win at this point, and it looks to be a landslide victory for Clinton in terms of the electoral vote. If this went the other way, I think there would be a lot of skepticism and investigation. If Clinton wins, I don't think anyone would be surprised enough to care.

  • It is already skewed

    There appears to be external forces trying to win the election for Donald Trump. They are digging up all kinds of dirt on Hillary Clinton to block her from the highest office. They have a flawed candidate who is one of the most frightening people to run for office in my lifetime but these forces obviously think he will be easy to manipulate. I hope they don't rig the election any more than they already have with the leaks.

  • No, future elections are likely to be compromised.

    No, the most recent discovery of hackers penetrating the voting system is likely just the tip of the iceberg. These are the guys who were caught; how many are more skilled at manipulating the system that we will never know about? Voting in the future is going to be even more technology-based, opening the door to more vulnerabilities.

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