• It has more things to do on it.

    I believe the fidget cube is better than the fidget spinner because the fidget spinner has only one option: to spin. The fidget cube has things that spin, in addition to much more things that can satisfy more fidgeting needs. It may be more expensive, but it is a much more effective fidgeting toy.

  • Spinners are so awesome but fidget cube are way better x 1.999999 tredecillion better

    More things yes calming yes finally more thing yes. There is a six side prototype with six colors. There is also a twelve side prototype if you don't believe me buy one. Use all sides when you are done with both fidget cube prototypes come back and say what I proved fidget cubes are better

  • The creator is right.

    I can tell know and need to spread the word that there is a twelve side fidget cube prototype that my very nice mom let me buy from toys are us. You can also buy four side versions on target Walmart and other types of websites that I don't know.

  • Fidget Cubes Yes

    From a mere practical view, fidget cubes are better - you only need one hand to operate them. They can even be used in your pocket (unless your are wearing jeans or pocket-less clothing), while fidget spinners need open air around them to work. They are also quiet, while I have been fidget spinners banned in schools because they are so loud. In the end, I believe it depends on what furfills the persons fidget-needs best - for me, the fidget cube .

  • So many more pros

    Fidget spinners make a huge distraction, with a huge WHIIRRRRing noise. The fidget spinner has become a trend. It's not for anxiety anymore. Now people have them just to look cool, to become popular or to have a toy in class. Even for the kids with anxiety, it barely even helps them fidget! All you do is spin it every once in a while, then wait. You might do "tricks", but that ruins the point of it being a focus toy. All you do is spin it, and distracting the whole class with you. There is no point to all of the fancy designs and "cool" fidget spinners if you're supposed to be focused and only use it to fidget. The fidget cube, however, while it does make noise, it makes not nearly as much noise. The cube actually has a design to help people with anxiety focus, and not be distracted. It is something to fidget your hands with, since you can be pressing the buttons, and you don't have to distract your class from their work.

  • Sorry but no

    It just isnt. Spin the barrings. Pop a barring out. Flick it, rotate it, spin it. Customize it. So much fun, and so much spins! You can do what ever you need to do on a fidget spinner. Mix it up with other spinners or challenge your friends. Its what its there for!

  • The fidget spinner is more financially responsible and classroom-safe.

    The fidget spinner is obviously cheaper, for the fidget cube costs about $6, but the fidget spinner is about $3. Therefore, it is more financially responsible to get the spinner.
    The fidget spinner is also classroom-safe, for it is quiet. The noise of fidget cubes can be distracting for the nearby students, making the classroom environment less educational.

  • Nah. . .

    A fidget cube makes way to much noise in class, not exactly helpful to your classmates, whereas a fidget spinner barely makes a sound. I know this might not be a strong argument but i just feel the spinner has a more satisfying feel to it and that the cube is just a bunch of buttons that make too much noise

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