• Yes, the 5th of November should be observed

    While not an occasion of much import to most of the world, it seems to be an occasion that those in the UK celebrate, if celebrate is the correct word. There are festivals that take place on this day to remember the event. It is merely an occasion for people to get together in today's world.

  • Guy Fawkes Night

    It is celebrated in England to remember the Gunpowder Plot and rejoice in that the plan failed. This was an attempt made on the life of King James I and Guy Fawkes was seen and arrested while guarding the explosives the group had placed beneath the House of Lords. It is still celebrated with bonfires today.

  • History and Pop Culture Meet

    History is always worth remembering. In the case of the 5th of November, pop culture has become part of that History. With the widespread popularity of V for Vendetta, the 5th of November has grown from a celebration of a foiled treason plot in 1605 to represent several modern protest movements.

  • No one even knows what November 5th is supposed to represent.

    With the vast majority of people not understanding what the importance of November fifth represents it is obvious there is no need for a formal recognition of the day. The day which is commonly associated with Guy Faulks and his alleged holds no special relevance in today's world and as such it needs to just be another day of the month.

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