The fight against ISIS in Iraq: Should Iraqi male and female soldiers fight alongside each other?

  • Rape or Die

    .Thats a war .. Ladies are fighting for their right to live .. For their husbands, moms, kids, country ..
    If ISIS caught one of them after killing her husband she will be raped hundred of times .. If she is been caught as a fighter .. They might kill her directly .. Wich is more honorable for her than staying at home waiting for her husband's head to be cut by some ******

  • Iraq needs to throw everything into defeating ISIS

    If Iraq doesn't allow female soldiers then it's refusing an opportunity to have more people to fight ISIS. The experience will also show men that women are also capable of being good soldiers and help against sexism in Iraq.

    As for it being a different culture cultures like people can be wrong. If our culture decided to sacrifice babies to Cthulu would that make that OK? NO. And I'm not just against how Iraq treats women because of my culture. I'm against my own culture on a lot of things. Our food is way too unhealthy. And Americans need to stop being prudes about sex and nudity. Cultures, one's own and others can appropriately be judged just as people judge each other.

  • Yes, Men and Women Should Have Equal Opportunity on the Battlefield

    Men and women who choose to fight against ISIS in Iraq should have the chance to right alongside each other. These individuals are volunteering to serve their country and sex should not be an indicator of where they are assigned. Men and women should commit to working together for the greater good of their army and mission.

  • Their men are just like their women

    Their so-called men fled Mosul and Tikrit and other cities the second they heard the forces of the Islamic State were coming. So, no they don't have men they have women who can't stand and fight against the State. Probably a better way to say it actually is they have males and females but not men and women, even the women of the State can defeat the Iraqi army.

  • Not a good idea

    Female soldiers are every bit as dedicated and well-trained as the men, there's no question about that. Unfortunately a woman at full fitness and strength will still not be as strong as a man at full fitness and strength. Add to this the instinct that most men have to protect women, and it can't be a good idea to have men and women fight together.

  • Iraq may not be ready

    I will always support women fighting in wars, however in a region where there is so much conflict between men and women, it might make sense for a slower integration of men and women fighting units. This seems like backward logic, but in my mind there are more crucial things that need to be addressed first.

  • Iraqi male & female soldiers should fight, but separately.

    Iraqi core values are extremely different than western cultures. While I believe that the males & females should fight separately, I still hold firm that women should have the right to train to defend their homes, their families. Due to the cultural differences that women face in Iraq, they are better served defending their families than on the front lines with the male Iraqi soldiers.

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