The first new U.S. nuclear reactor in 20 years goes live. Do you trust nuclear energy?

  • Yes, I trust nuclear energy.

    Yes, I trust nuclear energy because it is cleaner than most energy sources and will not explode if operated properly. People who work in nuclear power plants must have a good understanding of harnessing the energy so nothing bad happens. Once we know how to use the energy, it will be safe.

  • Nuclear energy is safe and clean.

    Nuclear energy is among the safest, cleanest and most effective methods of providing energy known to human beings. While the isolated incidents of nuclear meltdowns are a sensational fear among many members of the American public, there is a much greater risk posed by conventional carbon-based energy sources not only in terms of accidents but also in terms of the damage it inflicts on our environment.

  • I trust nuclear energy.

    Nuclear energy could easily be the energy of the future because of the massive potential of energy that could be taken from the reactors. Other countries get four times the large amount of energy the U.S. already receives from our reactors. There needs to be more focus on regulations and making more modern reactors to increase safety concerns though.

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  • No, I never have trusted nuclear energy.

    No, I do not trust nuclear energy, and I never have. I feel that even though nuclear power plants provide a great deal of energy to communities, they are too dangerous. The risk is too great. Neighboring communities suffer in terms of housing prices going down near a nuclear power plant, because people don't want to live so close to danger. If something goes wrong and radiation leaks, it greatly impairs the health of the people and animals living nearby.

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