The #freejahar hashtag goes viral: Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev innocent?

  • There's no proof!

    There is not legitimate proof to prove otherwise! The FBI clearly set him and his brother up. Nobody should be falling for their lies they might have taken Jahar's voice away, but his supporters are going to be his voice and we will stand by him all the way. Until he is let out.

  • Djokhar Tsarnaev is innocent!!!

    Boston bombing was a set up US GOVERNMENT!!!! It's obvious that the Tsarnaev brothers' are innocent the photos have been photoshopped to make them appear guilty and there is no real proof that they did what they've been charged with.
    So people please open your eyes and don't believe what the US government says. All that they want is to control people by terrorizing them and telling all the lies to manipulate them. Please wake, don't be a fool in the hands of this government!!!!

  • No footage of the bombs being placed!

    There are no videos proving these brothers did this, nowhere... I cannot believe the government has no technology to take a 19 year old out of a boat without wounding him, and that considering he was UNARMED! There is no footage showing him coming out of the boat unwounded... Why? The raw thermal imaging video shows policemen firing like crazy, and then we see a Jahar waving to come out of the boat! He had an arm, policemen had bombs and bullets. No footage of Jahar coming out of the boat without wounds! And then he lies with an exploded throat on the ground...

  • Someone was trying to hide the truth.

    Forcing people of Boston to stay at homes while trying to arrest two two kids! Someone was trying to hide the truth. Also the pictures were not conclusive as it could apply to any one in the marathon. Most of the bags are similar but not strong evidence why those were picked.

  • He was framed.

    The lack of evidence being shown on the news and the things seen on his twitter, other pictures and videos, and the overall proceeding of this case is shady. None of the 'evidence' matches up with Dzhokhar's personality. The media keeps on changing their story. There is no proof of many of the actions the Tsarnaev brothers 'did'. They are already condemned as 'terrorists'. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty. The bombing was a false flag from the government. Do research and do not believe everything you hear on the media.

  • He is absolutely innocent.

    There are just so many unanswered questions and backtracking by the police and FBI. When people say that he's guilty because he was shooting at police, witnesses said that they heard only the police firing, the boys were hiding behind a car. Also, if you were innocent and being shot at and chased by police, wouldn't you hide in a boat too? It seems to me that if he really was as highly organised a terrorist as everyone thinks he is, he would have planned an escape route. Then, they said that Dzhokhar was shooting at them from the boat, then he shot himself in the throat as a failed suicide attempt, changed their story to knife wound, then back to gunshot, then finally came to the conclusion that he was actually unarmed. I'm also guessing that the two men who shot and killed Tamerlan 'fell' out of the helicopter because they killed the SUSPECT before they could extort information from him or twist his words and frame the brothers even more! They say that they robbed the 7/11, and held a hostage in a car. CCTV footage shows both the boys in the 7/11, they don't look terribly flustered, and don't you think if they had kidnapped someone one of the brothers would have stayed in the car? Not to mention that the same backpack that Dzhokhar 'allegedly' was carrying during the marathon was there in his apartment 2 days AFTER the bombings! Also, conveniently enough, when he should have been telling his side of the story, he was recovering from a throat wound. So much left to answer. But I will say this: Give me COLD, HARD EVIDENCE and I will be swayed. They shot at the police? Show me the dashcam of the police car. They dropped the backpacks at the marathon? Show me the footage. However, I somehow believe that the FBI claiming they have evidence on these boys is a bit 'all coffee and no omelette'. But that's just me.

  • Jahar is innocent

    I see too many holes in the story and evidence to say this young man is guilty. I think he was framed for the bombing and killing of the policeman because he is a Muslim. Until I see the true evidence I will not believe he did this. The government is keeping him from supporters and family to keep him from telling the truth.

  • Corruption is Evident

    We all know that our government and its programs such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. Are highly corrupt and have been proven time and time again to have underlying reasons for the things they do. Many people are targeted by the government and have indeed been found innocent. However, many people seem to take their word for it when it comes to every case even though we do know they are and have been capable of being deceitful. If we do not question what is in front of us, then we are just sheep following the media. Dzokhar Tsarnaev could be indeed innocent, and we should remember that he is an AMERICAN citizen who deserves a fair trial and he is innocent until proven guilty. The government is more than able to coverup and convince us otherwise, but we must seek virtue within our own people. There are way too many inconsistencies in this case to say that is definitely his fault. They have killed his brother, they have killed his unarmed friend, and they tried to kill him while saying he was contributing to a "shoot-out", but later retracted their claims and said he was unarmed. There is not enough room to even begin to explain all the things wrong with this case, so I will leave it at this: Do not let emotions get the best of you and start pointing fingers at whoever the government throws at you, if there is a sick and uneasy feeling about the evidence - then you should question.

  • Coerced confession, backpacks don't match, numerous inconsistencies

    He was a normal college student living his life, not radicalized as the media would have us to believe. The exploded backpack doesnt match the ones carried by the brothers nor could a pressure cooker have fit in either backpack. Jahar's backpack was hanging loosely by one strap on his shoulder. The hospital confession had to have been coerced as he was heavily medicated, unable to talk, unable to write to physical incapacitation. The boat note story is ridiculous and was "discovered" only after it was thought that the hospital confession would be inadmissible. The carjacking of "Danny"- which of his renditions are we supposed to believe? Why has he stayed anonymous? Why has he never had to ID Jahar? Why don't we know his real name? Why did the police state on the scanner feed that it was a state police SUV? Office Collier's murder- there is no evidence. The cruiser was conveniently destroyed. The FBI knew exactly who the bros. Were, so why did they act like they needed help identifying them? Why were no search hounds used to locate Jahar? As far as the brothers not going to the police...How do we know they DIDN'T? Of course Jahar ran after he was shot at, unarmed, and his brother run over (by a police SUV, as stated by an eye witness). He was trying to save his own life. When did he get those life-threatening injuries that required intubation when we could clearly see him sitting on the side of the boat, conscious and on his own power. Why is the prosecution acting so shady about handing over all evidence? Why are the feds suddenly imposing all these restrictions? Is it because he didnt take a plea deal, and they'll afraid he'll start talking? Why have so many people connected to the case been killed or resigned?

  • I believe Jahar is innocent

    I have absolutely seen no evidence that he was involved in the bombings or the shooting of the MIT officer. There are just way too many inconsistencies in their story and I feel like the government is hiding something. They won't even let the defense see the evidence they claim they have on him. They made spectators at the marathon delete their pictures and videos. They destroyed Officer Collier's police car. And their dash cams conveniently weren't working the night of Watertown. Definitely some kind of cover up going on and people are beginning to realize that. I believe they are responding by imposing harsh conditions on Jahar to try to get him to plead guilty and also to try to scare away the supporters by sending our letters back. He deserves the same right to a fair trial as anyone else in this country and the same right to have access to his lawyers, and all the civil liberties that were written in the Constitution. Race, religion or nationality should have nothing to do with it. Anyone who believes this is a rule that only applies to certain people but not others is not a real American.

  • It's Pretty Obvious He's Guilty

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev isn't guilty because he's Muslim. He's guilty because they ran away in a stolen vehicle while showering the police with bullets and homemade explosives. A person can still be guilty of a crime even if they fit an unfortunate criminal stereotype, and people claiming he's innocent are letting anti-racism emotions get the better of their logic.

  • Evidence Includes Missing Backpack Photo

    Law enforcement would not have pursued him as a suspect unless there was enough evidence. Although the complete evidence has not been released yet, he is pictured fleeing the blast without his backpack. Also, the fact that he was hiding in a boat instead of coming forward to answer questions and clear his name points toward guilt.

  • No Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not innocent

    No, I do not think that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is any way innocent since he and his brother helped to plan and execute a bombing that killed several innocent Americans. I think there is enough evidence to suggest that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev kDzhokhar Tsarnaev wanted to kill people and therefore is not innocent.

  • He should be free,he is innocent

    I am trying & trying but my posts are not showing up ,I really want to say my openion & wrote many times .
    Looking into the boat hiding news & start from the beginning I am not ready to convince my self that he is at all guilty ,It is not letting me sleep that someone so innocent is in great trouble .Why would someone suffer if he did not do that crime ,any random person can hide in the boat in that circumstances ..This is unbelievable why these blames are on such a innocent person

  • Big No ,he is innocent

    He is innocent as read the whole case which is in favor or oppose .If I will not write it is matter of someone's life.
    He seems to me quite simple ,sophisticated & cultured the way respectfully I read he said " yes my owner" he was standing folded hands & bowed his head respectfully humble.
    He did not say a single word in his defense as he knew no one will listen to him.
    I saw his previous pictures where he was holding his teachers son he looks so simple & quite kid,
    He felt sorry I read in front of nun.
    As every other child psychology when they get scare hide themselves he must have got scared & hid himself in the boat .
    I saw many pictures of big criminals in the news but he does not come any close to that category .
    Being more than couple of years in jail he looks like much simplier than any other normal kid .
    He needs support ,love ,education & all good career in his life not jail nor death panelty.

  • Let's just hope for the best

    To all the girls that think he's a babe...Proves he's innocent? That's ridiculous. You guys think by debating whether he's innocent or not will help his case? There are a lot of reasons for him to be guilty and to be innocent. The only reason why people think he's guilty is because of the media. If it were to say it was someone else, all of you guys would hate on that person. I'm not Muslim but a few people need to stop hating on Muslims when something tragic happens. I'm really on neither side...I give sympathy to the victims of the April 15, Boston Bombings. I pray for the families. I feel bad for Dzhokhar's parents, because they have to go through this sh**, and get told that they're terrorist. I mean..Imagine if it was your brother or a close relative. A few of the Dzhokhar supporters...Sound really ridiculous! They almost sound crazy. And a few of the not Dzhokhar supporters..Are some douche bags. We're all just going to hear about the news on whether he'll get the death penalty or not. I honestly don't know who to believe anymore, I don't trust the government...I mean they never tell you what's really going on. The only person that knows what truly happened on the day of the bombings, is the person who really did it. It's gonna suck seeing a person getting blamed for something they (probably) didn't do. The person who did this..Is getting a kick out of this. I sound more like a Dzhokhar supporter...But I'm not. But by making a debate...Won't help his trial. It all really matters in the Jury's/Judge's decision.

  • Crimes Still Committed

    Even if the Tsarnaev brothers are not guilty of the Boston Bombing itself (which seems highly unlikely), they still stole a car, were in possession of explosive devices, shot and threw said devices at police officers and murdered an MIT police officer. In my book, all of those actions listed are crimes, let alone if Dzhokar is found guilty of committing the bombings. So in my opinion, there is almost no way that he isn't guilty of something.

  • Common Sense People

    Ok maybe he didn't do it. Maybe he wasn't shooting at cops. Maybe he wasn't trying the flee Boston. Maybe he was homeless and wanted to take shelter in a boat covered by a tarp for awhile. Maybe he's deaf and didn't hear the police tell him to come out. Maybe the other bombs hidden in his closet was his friends'. Or maybe he did do all of those things and 90% of the people that said yes are insanely stupid.

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Juris_Naturalis says2013-04-29T22:11:28.157
HE ALREADY SAID HE WAS GUILTY AND WAS CO-OPERATING WITH THE FBI!!!! This is a page for hopeful conspiracy theorists.
TOMMEE says2018-07-11T12:37:25.997
Feds said bombs were in black nylon duffel bags Jahar was carrying a white canvas bag.The 2 brothers were set up see proof here on my Twiiter page pics and on facebook page in photos They were recruited into a crisis drill the DHS was having that day.. 2 Bomb packs made of black nylon were already in place when they arrived Feds admitted to the BLACK nylon packs AGAIN I SAY "Jahar was carrying a white canvas bag" Tamerlan a Grey one not black. Set up as patsies by black ops