The Garfield comic strip for Sunday March 18, 1979 had Garfield the cat saying "After All, We're all in this together" do we agree?

  • Yes, Still Life is Not Beautiful

    Anyone can look up the Garfield comic
    Strip for Sunday March 18, 1979 online, Or on the official Garfield website which is
    www. Garfield. Com, To see the wise words of Garfield the cat in this Sunday strip from
    1979, The archive has every Garfield strip going back to June 19, 1978, The date of the first Garfield strip, The fact is even many decades ago people have been saying
    "We're all in this together" and I agree, Decades before the Coronavirus pandemic, We humans have always been in this together, Granted for most people in America and Worldwide life sucks, Life is Not Beautiful, But we are still all in this together

  • Garfield and fiends

    Garfield (lasagna cat) is the reason that coronavirus occurred in the first place. Jon Arbuckle consistently presents situations where Garfield can eat his lasagna. It's clear that if he's that incompetent enough to guard his lasagna, Then he certainly can't understand the grave danger of not cleaning the lasagna pan that a f***ing CAT JUST ATE OUT OF.

    How does this link to Coronavirus? Well, If you've been reading the news, Then you should know that felines can contract the disease. So is it crazy to say that the origin of this disease was BAT --> CAT (Garfield) --> Human (lasagna transmission)?

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