The German government has agreed to ban fracking. Should the United States follow suit?

  • Yes, I think the negative impacts of fracking outweigh the benefits of the technology.

    The fear that Germans hold that fracking may cause undesired toxins to seep into the groundwater stores has been shown to result from this form of drilling. In my opinion, it would be in the best interests of public safety to outlaw fracking in the U.S. as has been done in Germany.

  • The U.S. should ban fracking

    The Untied States should follow Germany's lead and ban fracking. There has not been enough time to study the environmental impact, but the initial results are not promising. Common sense states injecting chemicals, particularly near drinking water, will be harmful. A bank should be in place until a comprehensive study can be done.

  • We are always the last to do the right thing

    So, how many earthquake rumblings do we have to have before we stop fracking? There are some people who are making an extraordinary amount of money from fracking, so they are able to use that power to silence the social conscience of those around them. It then becomes up to the rest of us to demand these companies stop fracking, in order to save our drinking water from contamination etc. Fracking is definitely a practice that needs to be stopped.

  • Yes, I think the United States should ban fracking.

    Yes, I think the United States should ban fracking because the process is very dangerous to the environment. I don't think the United States government should outright ban it, but should implements laws and policies to start a gradual movement away from fracking. Fracking is incredibly detrimental to out natural resources and needs to be abandoned.

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