The Golden State Warriors have won the first two games of the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Can Cleveland come back to win it all?

  • It's a distinct possibility.

    In sports you never can tell the outcome. The beauty of sports is the unpredictability of the whole thing. You can look at the stats and predict the outcome but more often than not there are a lot of surprises and if they work hard enough for it they very well could come back to win it all.

  • This series is a wash

    The real showdown was the semifinals: that was a great series that went back and forth. Cavs have nothing to even deal with the Warriors' bench! How can anyone expect the Cavs will have a chance when Curry and Thompson have barely even stepped in to play?

    That'd be like the Cavs winning a game without LeBron, then when they put him in it would only get worse.

  • Cavs will lose

    That is the funniest thing iv'e ever heard. The Cavaliers did good in the playoffs for the eastern conference finals, but there aren't many good teams in the eastern conference. They're are many good teams in the western conference like OKC, Spurs, Clippers I just don't think it will happen.

  • No, the only way Cleveland will get a "mercy" win is if Golden State wants to add some drama to this public flogging or add another game to the series for high-priced TV ads.

    The only way Cleveland will win a game is if Golden State's team pilot loses consciousness for a couple of hours and they end up landing in Nova Scotia.
    Although even with a Golden State no-show, LeBron would probably still turn the ball over 6 times. Sometimes I think he intentionally gives up the steal as it spares him the comparatively worse embarrassment of missing another easy shot. The Golden State Warriors love to play as a team - and they support each other as a team. That plus all of that talent. And a coach who understands his players.

  • No, it is unlikely that the Cleveland Cavaliers will be able to come back to win it all.

    The Golden State Warriors have been on a huge winning streak since coming back after being down to the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-1. Most analyst and fans thought that the Warriors' season was over because statistically, it is very difficult to come back after being down 3-1. The Warriors, however, proved everyone wrong by how good they are playing in the playoffs. In short, given how well the Warriors have played in recent games, it is very unlikely that the Cleveland Cavaliers will be able to win it all.

  • No, Cleveland will not able to win the final series

    The Golden State Warriors have proven to be the stronger team in how they dominated the first two games of the final series. They also showed their determination in defeating Oklahoma Thunder after falling behind. The talent and high scoring ability of Golden State will carry them into another championship for this year.

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