• The GOP is a bigger tent than before

    For all the talk leading into the election that the GOP was on the verge of collapse, their hold on power has only expanded. With that expansion necessarily comes more diverse opinions and thoughts. The remnants of Tea Party and Trump add more diversity to the core conservatives at the center of the party. The Tea Party members will continue to be to the right on many issues and Mr. Trump will likely govern to the left on many issues.

  • I don't think an ideology can hit rock bottom.

    Conservatives have a point but unfortunately a sizable portion of the conservative community does not want to analyse any issues. I don't think conservatism has hit rock bottom, more people voted for Clinton than for Trump, so clearly progressives have a lead, they just need to work harder to reach out to their conservative neighbors.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    What did politics have to do with this election? A bunch of people who have been sitting back for decades and not trying to improve their lives, skills or working body of knowledge were woken up to find they have no future and now want the government to fix their lives for them.
    So, they voted for a pathological liar who claimed he'll fix everything for them.

  • No, this is the rebirth of conservatism.

    Usually, the Republican party runs candidates for President that are not very conservative. Romney was not conservative. McCain was not conservative, either. When the Republican party runs conservatives, like Trump, and like George W. Bush, they win elections. Trump has revived the GOP with his win as a conservative. He has brought more conservatives into the party.

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