The government should pay for post secondary education.

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  • #YesAllStudents should get a right to education.

    John Green said it himself- he pays taxes for education even though he doesn't have kids because he doesn't want to be surrounded by idiots. The mind-set of the U.S is that those who have money--earned by their very own hands and by the sweat of their brow, mind you, because every other person out there is a gorgeous angel with no greed and zero corruption in them--can study, whereas in Europe it's free for all. Look at Scotland....Free secondary education. You can't just "order some books " and be done with it, because even though reading pushes literacy up, it's only half of it. Going to college can really make a difference, if not, take a look around you, and what would be better than free tuition? Universities are out there to make money, and that's the real truth of it. The applications, the books, the summer programs. It all cashes I'm big, which is what they love. If tuition were free, universities wouldn't be what they are, but they still would be enriching places to continue being educated.

  • Education is already subsidized

    To suggest that the full costs of a degree program ought to be available free of charge is ridiculous. We would then require the assistance of the tax payers, (many of whom have not even attended post secondary nor wish to in the future) as well as a complete government take over of education. Is it fair to ask a high school graduate who had managed to start a company to pay for the tuition of others? Is it fair to the millions of people who turned down post secondary to have to bear the burden of paving the way for everybody else? If a person is genuinely disadvantaged or born into poverty then there should be aptitude tests to determine whether or not a government grant should be given. Other than that, it is unfair to give away a free product and leave the bill on my doorstep.

  • No it should not.

    Govt licensing of post secondary educational institutes and paying for them is the surest way to inflate the costs of education so people have to take hundreds of thousands in debt to pay for it. And "education", if that is indeed better education that can be received by ordering some books off amazon and reading them, is not a right to be paid for by others.

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