• This is not a debate.

    Hitler was an evil person who targeted jewish people, Put them in camps and gassed them. Killing people and promoting discrimination is bad because we are all equal. Modern right wingers entertain the idea that Jewish people are in control. "The elites" is code for jews when spoken by white nationalists, Neo-nazis, Or Trump supporters like brodiescott.

  • I wasn't there so how could I hold A strong opinion

    It just seems dishonest.

    Lives are valuable and this is basically it. But is I had to write more, Why is Deer meat so important? Lives are only given once to humans, Which may have a exception. I get that Dear meat might also have killing lives, But the reason "I like dear meat' Is not the best argument that could be made since only that person might like dear meat and it is sabotage to kill a animal like that just because you own a gun. IT IS NOT FAIR.

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