The Hunger Games Sequel: Is the Hunger Games more profound than Atlas Shrugged?

  • Atlas Shrugged is Not Profound

    The Hunger Games is more profound than Atlas Shrugged, but that is not saying much. Atlas Shrugged is made up of the ramblings of a fringe political woman trying to promote her philosophy of extreme libertarianism, and so not any great philosophical work. So Hunger Games is more profound by default.

  • It might be better, but it is not more profound

    Regardless of your views on Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged is a very profound book, and is deeply meaningful to many people around the entire world. It is a philosophy that, while flawed, can be followed easily. The Hunger Games, while excellent stories, are made more for entertainment and less as philosophies to be followed.

  • Atlas Shrugged is more profound.

    No, the Hunger Games is not more profound than Atlas Shrugged, because Atlas Shrugged has a more enduring message. The Hunger Games does make a social point, but Atlas Shrugged makes a point about hard work and personal responsibility that is more important today than the warning about big government presented by The Hunger Games.

  • All movies have their own outcome

    In the hunger games, or any other movie, each has a ending of their own, they basically are set out to let the world have an opinion, about the movie and what they thought, it's not so much of being more profound, but it's about giving paying customers a chance to enjoy the movies that they pay to see.

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