The Inevitability Of Impeachment: Is Donald Trump on his way to impeachment due to his unpopular and broad measures?

  • Yes, Trump does seem headed for impeachment, but not for his unpopular measures

    Yes, Trump does seem headed for impeachment, but not for his unpopular measures. Impeachment is not based on the unpopularity of you actions, but on the constitutionality of them or on the way you go about governing. So far, the executive orders Trump has issued have been proven quite unpopular, but the question is are they legal and within his authority?

  • There is No Doubt He Isn't

    Everyone is against Trump! There are more articles and even websites committed to impeaching Trump than helping him! Number one, he is taking obey from foreign governments (violation Article 1 Section of the Constitution.) Number two, he is colluding with a foreign power against the interests of the US (treason.) Number three, he is using the presidency for his own private gain (violation federal law (5 code of Federal Regulations 2635.702.) Number four, he is seeking to intimidate critics (violating First Amendment.) Number five, he is undermining the freedom and independence of the press (violation of the First Amendment.) Number six, he is attacking the freedom of religion (violation of First Amendment.) Number seven, he is undermining the rules of law through arbitrary and capricious statements and orders, in violation of the Due Process of the first Amendment. Number eight, he is suppressing votes of minorities (violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.) It's not even about his unpopular and broad measures!

  • Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

    I believe Trump is on his way to impeachment. After just one week in office, he has incited many protests and backlash from the public including celebrities and even Republican leaders such as McCain. His ignorant and prejudice orders go against the heart of the United States. He reversed the order to stop a pipeline from being built on sacred Native American grounds, has pushed forward with the wall around Mexico, and banned Muslims from seven major countries from entering the country even with green cards. With even his own party turning against him, Trump may find it hard to stay in the Oval Office much longer.

  • Unfortunately he probably won't.

    There are many unfavourable politicians in power and there has been no impeaching. Trump should have been disqualified when he passively made a death threat to Hillary during his campaign. If he wasn't disqualified then, on top of the mountain of bullshit he's built, he isn't getting impeached anytime soon.

  • Mr. Trump is unlikely to be impeached

    Considering that only two Presidents have been impeached it is unlikely that Mr. Trump will be impeached. He definitely will not be impeached before the mid terms because the House is controlled by the Republicans. It will take the House to flip to the Democrats for Mr. Tump to be impeached.

  • No Trump is not on his way to impeachment.

    Trump has been in office for only a few days and yet has already caused outrage with his ban on refugees.In much of the left-wing media, Trump's ban is being heavily criticized. Many Democrats are criticizing Trump. However, many Republicans agree with Trump and support him.They think that they are safer now with the extreme vetting.

  • He Can't Be Impeached As of Now

    Just because you're unpopular doesn't mean you will be impeached. The only way Trump would face impeachment is if he committed high crimes and misdemeanors. If you were to look at the polls after Nov. 8, and throughout the campaign, even, Trump and Clinton were considered the most disliked presidential candidates in history, with many voters going to one person simply because they were the "lesser of two evils." If Clinton were president, she would not be facing impeachment on just the grounds of "she's unpopular."

  • Unpopularity isn't an impeachable action.

    The way you get impeached is by doing horrible things. Killing people and being fraudulent. Just because his executive orders are not popular doesn't mean he will be impeached. He has been in office for almost 2 weeks. What has he done bad? Illegal immigrants cost american tax payers billions of dollars a year. The temporary halt on muslim immigration is to strengthen out vetting process to stop/slow terrorism. If everyone will just calm down and stop listening to CNN everything will be ok... He is not a dictator. We have checks and balances for a reason.

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