• The internet is Beneficial

    Many People claim that people can't get of their phones but what they are actually doing is trying to communicate with other people work Study The internet is also good in a diesease borne time as during the or circuit breaker, We had HBL We used Microsoft Teams or Google clssroom to learn and study. We chatted and communicsted with microsoft teams and collaborated there.

    Many people also claim that there are crimes but reasearch has shown that 80+% of people that own devices know of this danger l. We must always stay vigilent of phising. We use internet for Collaborating, Browsing, Shopping, Learning etc. We have internet securere like POFMA that help punish people for sharing fake news. Even all of the crimes, Phising, Scamming, Fakenews, And all of the proposition can think of, Are not of match or equal in number for the good side of the internet.

    As all of us know, The internet is dominating our present life. But does that necessarily mean that the internet would bring more harm than good? Of course, There are people that rely on the internet to gain personal information, But we need the internet, Too. But when we talk about the controversy about whether the invention of the internet brings more harm than good, I must personally disagree, For the internet has helped people with their purposes.

    To start, The internet provides us with world wide info And for many people, Research issues. I would agree that fake news is influencing thousands or millions of people, 83% of Americans know about this problem, And 66% of Americans believe this is a serious issue. But in order for anyone to have great book reports or beautiful, Information-packed projects, The internet is the first resource that we rely on. Of course, People will also attempt to gain your privacy. However, We can only blame ourselves for letting our privacy out

    Everyone also wants good grades, And the internet provides online education, Like Khan Academy and Quora other educational sites.

    Communication is a world-wide activity that is influencing our lives and others. Instead of mailing by letters and hand, We use internet. I must argue with the obvious: No one has questions on homework and sends a international report to his or her cousin for corrections etc. Instead, We type up an email, Instantly send it, And wait for another person to type a response.

    It is also easier and safer to pay money for goods on the internet because the internet can detect robbery and will show: Not Secure, Beware of sharing personal info and other important stuff.

    That pretty much sums it up. I hope now that you will agree with me that the internet is good. But I believe that the good the internet can do very much overpowers the bad.

    So please, Stop being perswayed by people that are exaggerating on these miniscule things.

    Thank you for taking your time to listen to my report.

    Vote NO!

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