• Yes. The IOS operating systems are good.

    Yes. The IOS operation systems are good. They may have a few bugs when they first come out but they usually get ironed out pretty quickly. If they didn't come out with new ones, then most of the things we do with our phones and tablets and laptops we wouldn't have access to do.

  • Yes, I think the IOS systems are very good.

    Yes, I think the IOS systems are very good. I love the form of the system i think it was designed well. The original system is good but upgrades are always welcomed in my point of view. I really feel that the IOS 8 will be the best version yet.

  • Yes, I think there are improving.

    I have been an Apple consumer for years, and I believe that the IOS platform is improving with each update. The IOS out-performs all its competitors and provides a wide range of applications which are extremely user-friendly. The level of problems that a user will experience using IOS is very low.

  • Yes they are good but ...

    Are you tired of my phone .. Absolutely not because i use android .. I love it because it offers reach to the mass .. What are you missing on is users . Android offers more features, can be explored .. IOS is just for show nothing else . Android rules.

  • No I hate them!

    I had an iPhone 4s, and I liked it. Until they started making me update the software all the time. The software eventually made my phone useless, therefore I needed to get a different phone. It was either upgrade or trade in the phone. I now have an android instead.

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