The Irish "O'" means grandson of: Should more Americans study their family heritage?

  • Family heritage is an important part of our history.

    I absolutely believe that Americans should study and learn their family history. Our family heritage is very important and the only way to keep it alive is to pass it on from generation to generation. If we lose touch of our history and where we come from, we may be unable to recover it for future generations.

  • Family heritage is not only important, but interesting

    Many Americans know little about their family history. Sites such as charge a considerable fee before users can delve into their family trees. Genealogy experts are generally expensive as well, leading to an unfortunate lack of accessibility and interest in heritage. Genealogy research can be an enriching and entertaining experience for all generations.

  • Yes, more Americans should study their family heritage.

    Yes, more Americans should study their family heritage because it is important to know what got us here. People who understand who came before them will appreciate their grandparents far more. We should all be thankful we are alive. Understanding our ancestry is a good start to appreciating our lives even more.

  • Yes, they should

    Yes, I believe that more Americans should study their family heritage. It is nice to know where you came from, and how all of your ancestors got from their to here. Also it is cool to see what your blood is, and how your ancestors met each other on the path to were they are now.

  • No, more Americans do not need to study family heritage.

    Studying family heritage is a leisurely activity that many people enjoy, and a number of websites exist to assist with the search. It doesn't matter anymore what the "O" in names means, or the "Mc" or the "Mac" for that matter. There was a time when it was used to identify individuals, but that was in a day and time when there were far fewer people and they traveled very little. It's fine to study family heritage, but it is not at all necessary.

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