The Irish president puts his money where his mouth is and continues to take a voluntary pay cut. Should U.S. politicians follow suit?

  • Yes, they should.

    Recently someone has suggested that politicians in the US make minimum wage, which I think makes sense for the majority of politicians because they are either independently wealthy or make thier money in another way. Other than the president and a few other positions it is not a full time job and is a calling.

  • Do Not Need Extra Money

    U.S. politicians should certainly accept less than what their salary is because they make more than enough and get away with certain tax loopholes and offshore accounts and such. Money causes corruption and the best politicians are the ones who actually care about the people, not how much they can make.

  • Yes, US politicians should take a pay cut

    Congress is capable of voting itself a raise. Yet, when many complain about the nation's debt and the fact that many citizens live below the poverty line, it would be good for Congress to take a pay cut. Many of them have a good deal of wealth on their own. The cut would largely be symbolic as it wouldn't solve the problems, but it would show that Congress understands the financial state the country and many citizens find themselves in.

  • Yes, U.S. politicians should follow suit.

    Yes, U.S. politicians should follow suit because they should understand what the American people are going through. If the average person has to take a pay cut, then the politicians should as well in order to better understand what needs to be changed. If they make too much money, they will never fight for change.

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