The ‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D revealed on Oct. 22 that he is a new father. Do you think he will be a good dad?

  • Yes I do

    Yes I do think that Pauly D will be actually be a great dad. Even though iwas portrayed as a real ladies' man on Jersey Shore, you could always tell that Pauly was a hard working, good hearted guy that really cares about his friends and family. Congrats Pauly D! Cute kid!

  • No don't think so.

    Unless he is going fill the 'for rent' sign between his spoiled brat gumba eyes, no seeing Father material. The kid is still hooked to his own mother by umbilical chord. This 'reality' of kids in New Jersey is even more appalling than Chris Christie using Sensa. Why oh why are your governing bodies trying to discontinue birth control?

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