The Jordanian king said the U.S. thinks it knows Middle East better than its residents. Is the U.S. too arrogant in its Middle East approach?

The Jordanian king said the U.S. thinks it knows Middle East better than its residents. Is the U.S. too arrogant in its Middle East approach?
  • The US has always been arrogant

    The US has always been the most arrogant country in the world. They think there army is the best in the world but yet there loosing to ISIS. They wouldn't have to fight ISIS or any other terrorist group if they didn't wrongfully invade Iraqi. The US has become the worlds leading super power after the Soviet Union fell apart and the US will DO ANYTHING to stay a super power and if anyone speaks out against the US there seen as a threat and will be targeted and the US will go to war and rob any country of there natural resources

  • American residents are arrogant

    Based on the fact US military has doing war activity in the middle east, U.S residents take themselves for experts. Everyone has a point of view on that region. And every views are clearly engaged in favor of US military actions. So for me, arrogance is built within US interests to conquer middle east.

  • Yes, the U.S. is too arrogant in its Middle East approach.

    The United States is too arrogant in its Middle Eastern views. America does not know the Middle East better than the Jordanian king does. Therefore, America should ask for more guidance and assistance from Middle Eastern countries; especially when it comes to fighting ISIS. The United States cannot afford another long-term war in the Middle East.

  • Yes, the U.S. often acts in its own interest at the expense of others.

    The U.S. has developed into arguably the world's most powerful country and so to maintain this expectation of importance on the world stage, it has taken to exerting its power overseas, mainly in the Middle East. This is done to help its historical allies, who are often those that have provided the U.S with resources (such as oil) or a location from which they could pressure Russia. The resulting pride of not wanting to be seen to lose these benefits has scaled up the military intervention, in order to maintain them, and has led to many unnecessary and innocent casualties without attempting diplomatic solutions, simply because they have the capability. It is this belief that, because they have become the world's superpower, they must have a role in all conflicts and solutions, even when they are not required or they do not know the full circumstances.

  • No, the Middle East has failed to self-regulate.

    Usually, the Middle East would be left alone, but because of the amount of terrorism in the Middle East, countries from this region have had a negative impact on the worlds trade and economy since the Crusades. While the US has not handled foreign policy perfectly in this part of the world, its intentions have been to prevent a spill-over effect from middle eastern conflict.

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